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Plagiarist.com Articles

Plagiarist.com Articles

On Poetry

Essays on reading poetry, and the state of poetry today.

Series: On Poetry »

The Art of Writing Poetry

This series takes a look at the process of writing poetry, techniques that poets use, ways to get started, tips and tricks, and anything else associated with the writing life.

Series: The Art of Writing Poetry »

Inside The Poem

These articles take a look at a single poem - included are analyses, personal insights, anecdotes, and historical information.

Series: Inside The Poem »

On Poets

Articles about poets, examinations of their poems, and biographical information.

Series: On Poets »

Book Reviews

Reviews of books of poetry, books about poetry, and other books.

Series: Book Reviews »

Canonical Essays

Classic essays representing the history of the poetical and critical "canon" - these essays are required reading for anyone who is seriously interested in poetry.

Series: Canonical Essays »

Letters To A Young Poet

Young poet Franz Xaver Kappus wrote to Rainer Maria Rilke in early 1903. To his delight and surprise, the poet wrote back to him. They continued a correspondence that lasted for nearly six years. Below are ten letters that Rilke wrote to Kappus, advising the young poet on poetry and life.

Series: Letters To A Young Poet »

Plagiarist.com Site Information

Information about Plagiarist.com, Frequently Asked Questions, Submission Guidelines, and How to Contact Us.

Series: Plagiarist.com Site Information »

Plagiarist.com Newsletters

Every month Plagiarist.com sends out a newsletter featuring updates, info, and other news about Plagiarist.com and poetry online. Below, you can read our "back issues" in the newsletter archive. Each issue contains a form to subscribe if you'd like to receive updates from us.

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