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Volume 1 Number 1

by Plagiarist.com Staff
February 2002
Plagiarist.com Updates Newsletter - Volume 1 Number 1

Welcome to the first edition of the Plagiarist.com
Updates Newsletter!


We've received nearly half a millon visitors since
opening back in September 2001. Since then, the archive
has grown to include over 2,600 poems.


Plagiarist.com is pleased to announce our first two
articles, in a new series titled "The Art of Writing
Poetry."  This series will examine many aspects of
writing poetry, although we hope that those who simply
read for pleasure will be entertained (if not educated).

You can read the new articles at:


New articles will be posted approximately once a month,
and we welcome your ideas for future articles.


The "Poem of the Month" is "The Onion, Memory" by
English poet Craig Raine:


Craig Raine is of the "Martian School" of poets (after
Raine's poem "A Martian Sends A Postcard Home") who
attempt to radically change the way that a speaker
evaluates the world by looking at common objects from a
different perspective.  Raine takes the familiar and
makes it foreign.

You can read more Raine in the Plagiarist.com Archives.

There's still lots more to come, with National Poetry
Month (April) right around the corner.


Thank you to all of the teachers who have been sending
students to the site. We're currently considering a
special section for teachers to be able to post
assignments, or group Internet feedback, where students
from a particular class could interact (or interact with
students from other classes around the world). Let us
know what you think, and how we could make that feature
as useful as possible.


Feel free to let us know how we're doing: e-mail
feedback@plagiarist.com (or use the feedback form on our

That's it for this issue.  We'll write back again next
month with more updates.


   -- Jough Dempsey, Editor Plagiarist.com

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