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Privacy Policy

by Plagiarist.com Staff
Last Updated: 16 April 2002

Your privacy is important to us as Plagiarist.com (hereafter, simply "Plagiarist"), that's why we wanted to be sure to lay down some general guidelines that we follow. The following subsections will lay it all out for you in tasty, easy to process morsels. Please raise your hand if you have questions at any time, and a homeroom mother will be along to sedate you as quickly as possible. You will be taken to a camp to be re-educated about proper Plagiarist etiquette regarding privacy procedures.

If your stay at the Plagiarist "re-education" camp proves to not slake all of your curiosity about our policies, you may e-mail us at:

policies@plagiarist.com to continue discussion with Plagiarist regarding these policies and terms. Now on with the show...

Your Information

The main clause of our privacy policy is that WE DO NOT SHARE YOUR INFORMATION with anyone at any time for any reason. We will never sell your e-mail address to a spamming company. We hate spam, and don't want our visitors getting more than they already are.

We respect your right to receive as little impersonal e-mail as possible, therefore if you are receiving mail from Plagiarist and no longer want to receive anything from us, all you need to do is write to:


and we'll remove you within a fortnight, no questions asked.

You Are Not A Target Market.

In addition to not sharing any personal information you may provide to us, WE DO NOT SELL ANONYMOUS STATISTICS OF OUR USERS. Sometimes, when we're feeling particularly saucy, we'll keep track of page hits, referring page URLs, etcetera, but we will use this information only for our own perverse amusement, and will not share or sell aggregate usage stats with any companies or individuals, unless they offer us a whole lot of money (hint hint, wink wink).

What information do you people gather, anyway?

Most of the information that we gather and store is stuff that you enter into forms, like your e-mail address, if you signed up for our newsletter, or the URL of your homepage, or your personal bio, if you've registered with our forums.

Remember, folks, that the Internet is a public arena, and in this little "global village" (a term I heard on "Oprah") of ours, you have to be sure that the information that you provide to the public is of the kind that you wouldn't mind complete strangers reading. We aren't going to be the babysitters of your private info if you choose to give it out on the public areas of our website.

All user input areas are editable by the user, with the possible exception of our guestbook or e-mail questions sent to the editors. So please, use caution.


All e-mail sent to any Plagiarist.com address is subject to publication on this website. That means that you should NOT e- mail us unless you don't mind your e-mail being published on Plagiarist.com, or elsewhere on the Approximately, Inc. family of web sites.

E-mail is an insecure medium, and it's REALLY insecure here at Plagiarist. We aren't likely to publish your e-mail to us, but we reserve the right to. Put that in your pipe and smoke it before you send us long drawn-out e-mail about why Yeats was "a better poet than Keats because he pronounced his name in that funny Irish way" or about how we made all these typos with capital letters in those e.e. cummings poems. Public mockery is the best part about running a web site, and your humiliation will be at the top of our list if you disregard this notice and send us ridiculous e-mail.

It breaks down like this:

Helpful suggestions and intelligent comments: good.
Idiotic complaints or incomprehensible ramblings: bad.

We at Plagiarist are the sole determiners of what is and what is not idiotic.
You have been warned.

Changes To This Policy

As with anything on the web, this policy is subject to change at any time, even while you're in the middle of reading this paragraph, and for any reason whatsoever. Rest assured that we will provide public notice in this space of any changes to our privacy policy as soon as it is convenient to us.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

Actually, we aren't very well versed in mumbo-jumbo, but really like using that phrase. Needless to say (although we're saying it), any part of this privacy statement that is rendered illegal by any state or federal governments of the United States of America are hereby stricken (stricken!) and rendered both null and void.

This is where you get off...

That's it for our privacy policy. Don't forget to read our Terms of Use for instructions on the care and feeding of this/these website(s).

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