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Submission Guidelines

by Plagiarist.com Staff
Last Updated: 1 October 2002

We welcome submissions to the archive, but we must insist that all submissions follow these guidelines. Violating our terms will probably mean that a poem will NOT be added to the archive.

You MUST provide the following information:

  1. Author's Full Name
  2. Poem Title
  3. Your E-mail Address (so we can contact you if necessary)

The source of the poem (item 3) is wherever the poem may be found. If in a book, you should list the book title, publisher, and year. Ditto with a magazine (replace book title with magazine title - magazine publisher may be omitted). The source may also be in the form of an Internet link. In that case you must provide the URL (http://www.SomeWebsite.com, for example).

We do not accept poems from unpublished authors so please DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR OWN WORK. It will NOT be added to the archive. You may join our discussion forums and post a poem in the "Members' Poetry Post" section.

The "Year" on the submission form (or in the submission template) should be the year the poem was Written, First Published (in its original publication), First Published in a book, or if you don't know any of those years, the year of the Current Volume that you are quoting the poem from. If you do not know any of those years the "Year" field may be left blank.

You may submit poems by entering them into our online submission form or by filling out our submission template (one poem per file) and e-mailing the completed forms to:


»» DOWNLOAD the submission template (.zip format).

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