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by Plagiarist.com Staff
Last Updated: 15 March 2004

Plagiarist.com offers many compelling advertising packages for our industry partners and sponsors. The following information is provided as a guideline only. All advertising on Plagiarist.com is highly flexible and customizable. We provide ways of targeting more specific markets and demographics to improve click-through rates and subsequently, your sales.

Our Audience

Plagiarist.com serves scholars, students, and teachers looking for information on classic and contemporary poetry. Many of our visitors reside in the coveted 18-25 year old age range, known for having disposable income as well as having a high comfort level with using a credit card to purchase goods and services online.

We receive an average of 75,000 hits and 9-11,000 unique visitors per day, on average.

We project over 250,000 unique visitors in April 2004.

Advertising Rates and Opportunities

Top Banner Ads 468x60 OR new larger 728x90 (in header, run of site - see above):
$2 CPM impressions (minimum 50,000 impressions) OR
$300/month (unlimited impressions - six month minimum)

Button 125x90 (on home page):
$1.25 CPM (minimum 50,000 impressions)

Customized sponsorship available:
Contact sales representative for further details.

Newsletter sponsorship (2,500+ subscribers):
$300 per insertion
Newsletters are sent approximately once per month.

Discounted rates are available for those wishing to pay annually or bi-annually. Contact sales representative for further details.

Banner/Button Rotation

Sponsors who buy our premier advertising placement, Top Banner Ads, will have their ad banner featured on every content page. These spots are limited as we only accept a few premier sponsors. This means that unlike other sites that rotate among a large array of banners, Plagiarist.com prefers to target its advertising more carefully. That equals thousands of banner views per month!

All banners are loaded from our ad-servers. Please contact us for rates if wishing to load from your ad-server system.

Because of the dynamic nature of our database-driven, server-side scripted site, we offer on-the-fly, contextual advertising opportunities to more fully target text-based ads to visitors who are looking for information or products regarding a particular subject. Contact us for details.

Contact Information

For more information, custom rates, etc., contact:

Jough Dempsey
E-mail: feedback@plagiarist.com

Plagiarist.com makes no claims or guarantees about the visual display quality of your banner ad on a visitor's browser software. Because Plagiarist.com is built in compliance with web standards, banner placement may differ somewhat in non-standards-compliant browsers. Banner ads will not appear in printable versions of the content pages, and in text-only versions of the pages that will be made available to accessibility devices, such as braille readers, WAP phones, or other handheld devices, your banner ad will be substituted by a plain text representation / description of your ad. Due to the outsourcing of forum and other user interactivity software, banners may not appear on forum pages. Contact a sales representative about purchasing plain text ads or Button Ads to appear on the Forums or Chat Rooms. Advertising sponsors may provide their own banners or buttons. If such banners are not available, Plagiarist.com can arrange to have banners designed and created for an additional charge. Contact Plagiarist.com for details. Top Banner Ads will appear somewhere in the first one-third of each content page (currently in the upper right corner of each content page). Precise banner and text ad placement is subject to change slightly at any time due to site redesign. All advertising is displayed at the full discretion of Plagiarist.com. These terms may change at any time. Payment must be made for the month in advance. No refunds will be offered. We will attempt to keep this page current, but be sure to contact us for our rates and promotions.

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