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The Road Not Taken

Robert Frost

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the road
Added by: William
In 1978 I lived in the US, Sharon.Mass, and my english teacher brought the poem to class. I thougt it was very interesting, would have kind o coincidence with somethings happened on my life, etc. I still like it very much, perhaps I'll print and put it on my living room.
the choices in life
Added by: anna lin
Robert Frost is great, my boyfriend just bought his book for me in USA. For me, what i have learnt from this poem is that we all may come across different choices in our lives, we may make the right decision or wrong, but will we know it is right or not? of cause, we wont, the answer wil come out at the end. so for me, i prefer taking the road which i think i should take at the moment, but wont think too much, cause no onw can predicate what is coming tomorrow. dont be regret, though maybe it is not a better choice, u just have got what u deserve.
My View
Added by: Amber
I think Robert Frost is saying in "A Road Not Taken" is that whatever choice you make you should be proud of yourself. Also that you will always think about what would your life be like if you would have chosen another decision. You will always think maybe my life would be better but for you always to think that God helped you make your decision and that he wouldn't let you travel it if he didn't think it was the right thing to do for yourself. And that you have to learn from the mistakes you make because if you don't you will keep making the same mistakes.
The road not taken
Added by: Kaz
the entire poem the road not taken is metaphorical and no doubt it talks of the choices made in life, but it isn't only about the metaphors and the richness of his adjectives and what not. The message he is trying to convey is that choices all come down to you, not others and even though people all seem to travel in the same path (conformity), its your choice which direction you taken, and in the end he says that once the road is taken both roads seem the same, reinforcing that people do look back and are always unsure of the choice they have made, but unfortunately there's no turning back.
Why is there a road not taken?
Added by: Amber
Why is there always a road not taken by everybody because we all have a plan already for our lives so why don't we just have one road? Because everybody tries to be like everybody else so we will get the same things as the other people. Why not just live our own life and then we would respect the things we get in life because we earned them ourselves. If we do our own thing and follow our own road then we will be our own person just like God made us to be and accomplish our own goal.
"The Road Not Travelled"
Added by: Sarah M, 16
Though there are numerous comments on the meaning of this poem, I believe all are correct. Robert Frost did indeed write this piece of poetry magnificently, and he wrote it based on his own experiences. However, since being published, Frost has given the right to interpretation to all those who chance upon this text. We are, by right, entitled to enterpret this poem based on our individual context, and therefore cannot be wrong.
Besides, who are we going to believe, the poet, who is a human being who lied and cheated just like the rest of us? Or the text- pure, honest and unchanging.

Personally, I believe this poem deals with conformity and non-conformity, but that is not the true meaning. I believe the peom is saying that in life, people have choices. People before them will have choices, and many will follow the same road as those. However, ultimately, all our choices in life only lead to one end-our death.
Added by: Robert Frost
I think that you are all being a little critical about this poem that my grandfather wrote. Why don't you all try and write something? Huh? Instead you want to spend your time criticizing something that has nothing to do with you. So either write a poem, write something nice, or go into your black abyss and sleep.
Added by: Ali
I agree with the idea.The Road of life always provides challenges. the sheep walk may lead to an easy way but can be deadly as well. So why not take a risk and die with honour? or succeed and be proud?
Added by: a.k.
The first one he describes it as "to where it bent in the undergrowth" meaning it was the one less chosen by passers by. The second one he describes as " having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear" meaning it was the more popluar of the two. Then at the end of the poem he says that he kept the first for another day - the first one he described as the "Road less traveled" The second road description was of the one heavily trodden. Which is why he is saying with a sigh (OR LAMENT) he WISHED he could have taken it. That's the difference. He's sorry he was a sheep, a slave to society.

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