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Visitors' Comments about:

The Road Not Taken

Robert Frost

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Added by: aimie
This poem is about suicide. That's all i have to say.
Not Sure If I Agree With Anyone
Added by: Drew
Everyone's typical answer is it's about choice. Since that is the case, I tend to believe majority has to be wrong.

The last two lines throw everyone off. "I tokk the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."

Of course it made all the difference, just like if he picked the more worn path it'd make all the difference too.

The poem is more about prediction, not choice.
Added by: Rodlan
Comments: required- that is kind of funny, of course i'd put a comment on here, thats the whole POINT. i LOVE tyler and this is for HIM because this is OUR poem. its his favorite and also mine. i also like robert frost but, the poem is excellent with its beauty and with its poetic qualities which makes the 'deeper meaning' perfect
RE: Interpretation
Added by: Chris C
To those of you who have said the equivalent of "Poems can mean whatever you want," I have to say that you're mistaken.

Poets don't spends hours and hours and even days agonizing over each word so that people can be entertained, sit back, and say, "Gee, that was lovely, now let me decide what it means."

When a poet is saying that poems mean different things to different people is not that all interpretations are right or in some sense equal, but that each person will approach a poem as she or he approaches life, ultimately filtered through and colored by her or his personal experience.

Poems can indeed have right and wrong interpretations, and this one certainly has many wrong ones.

The most scholarly accepted reading of the poem is the one that rubs everyone raw: it's not about choices, it's about lying when you're old about how you were bold, while you were just as ordinary as everyone else.
Added by: Dylan Talley
To a lady at a poetry reading who asked--and I paraphrase--Can you tell us what that poem meant? Frost retorted--and I paraphrase again--What do you want me to do; put it in more worser English?
The Road Not Taken
Added by: ed
After some 60 years of studying this, I chanced upon a ruffian's comment that proved to be insightful. He said, "When you reach the fork in the road, take it."
Sounded pretty practical to me. Looking over your sholder willl lead to a stumble.
thanks a lot
Added by: shayna
thanks a tons, i was assigned this in my class and i had to understand what it meant . i find that all these suggestions are going in the right direction, and of you have the right idea.
Added by: Paul S.
To those of you who are given to making uninformed unilateral pronouncements, I have to say study semiotics and in particular response criticism before offering up your next gem of wisdom.
Added by: Chelsea
i believe this poem has really got a meaning and it has never really meant anything to me until just now
Added by: b@n3
this poem isnt about choice or going against the flow, its about BOTH. i dont really see what the huge argument is about. besides, having multiple themes in such a good poem just makes it better and more thought-provoking. it obviously has provoked many thoughts, as well as strong feelings. it is definitely a deep poem, and i respect poets such as frost.

peace >=

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