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The Road Not Taken

Robert Frost

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Added by: tal
hey kids, was wondering if this Frost is experiencing any kind of discovery and/or refers to self discovery? thanks by the way- your comments really made me question over and over again what frost is trying to say/not say
the world of poetry
Added by: Pyro
I think this is why Emily Dickinson didntwant anyone to read her poems...Fear of bieng analyzed and picked apart. Poetry is written like an inkblot. It means only what the subconscience wants it to.

I think thats the deepest statement i have ever made. I amgoing to go practice what i preach.
my view
Added by: Amanda Lynn
The Road Not Taken seems like an allegory to Mathew 7:13-14. "You can enter God's Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose the easy way. But the gateway to life is small, and the road is narrow, and only a few will ever find it."
Refering to the road not taken, the word "undergrowth" carries a negative connotation...it has life, but not to its fullest, unlike the "grassy" road (full of life) that wanted people to follow it. In writting "as just as fair", I think Frost is saying that God let him choose under fair circumstances, it was completely up to him. He could have chose which ever he would. Therefore, this decision would make all the difference!
Off Track
Added by: Harry Shall
I get the message Frost is talking about feelings that leed to choices rather than choice alone. How you feel when you take risks is greater than the outcom of the risk taken
Added by: jessica
this poem is the best poem i have ever heard in my life...except, i heard the real title was " The Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood" maybe i was just hearing things!!
Not the conventional choice
Added by: Will
This poem is not about which road the speaker chose but the act of choosing. Frost is telling the readers that whichever choice you make in life there will always be a path walked and a road not taken. The act of making a choice and sticking with it is the road less traveled. I think that Terry Anderson sums up this concept very nicely when he says “People are capable of doing an awful lot when they have no choice [. . .]. Courage is when you have choices.” The speaker, unlike many travelers before him, made a decision and that—that has made all the difference in the world
The title is The Road Not Taken writen in 1916. often mistaken for the road less traveled or two roads diverged
My view !
Added by: Madiha
feelings that leed to choices rather than choice alone. How you feel when you take risks is greater than the outcom of the risk taken
Added by: Mike
i was reading through here and i placed a comment a year ago.

Through the course of my studies I have fully come to realize how the beauty of poetry is that it means to the reader whatever they interpret. Yes, most of the time the author has a specific goal in mind with the writing and crafting of a poem. In the end however, when asked, the author usually says, and this is the same with music, that the song means what the readre perceives it to mean. That is what is wonderful about poems. In the road not taken you could say it is about choices, or it is about regrets, or whatever you want. In the end however, overanalyzing is not the solution. Asking the author isn;t the solution(him being dead and all). The solution lies in accepting the viewpoint you have taken and appreciating the poem. It is appreciating the debates and appreciating the carefully chosen words to raise such debates. Poetry is for entertainment, and The Road not Taken is very entertaining.
Robert frost tell about the road which is diverged into two roads basically in first there is only on e road which is diverged into two roads. He will choose on of the road in order to complete his journey through life.He feel sorry about not to take both of the roads in the same time. Robert frosts think that every one in hie life made a mistake and that mistake make a person better in life. It's a natural phenomena every one made a mistake there is nothing to worry about. In this poem the road not taken poet tell us when most of the people choose the same path to complete his or her journey, the grass is little bit pressed first than after some time passes it show a complete picture of path for people to move towards their journey.
Added by: Amber
I think this poem is discussing a path of choice in the road of life. Individualism, the road less traveled by, versus conformity, the road more worn.

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