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Visitors' Comments about:

The Road Not Taken

Robert Frost

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Added by: Gokhan
No this poem is about choosing a way. And the ways represent America's either joining The First World War or not. He wrote this poem long before The First World War, but he could see the future. He says he(America) has to choose one way and hopes that the road chosen will not be the bad one.
"The Road Not Taken"
Added by: Christopher
Everyone while commenting on this poem is concerned solely with the road that was taken. Doesn't anyone notice that the title of the poem is "The Road Not Taken." The poem is actually about that road, not the life he had with the road he was given.
In this Labyrinth...
Added by: chrong
Life is a huge,vast, (lets throw in

chaotic :) ) labyrinth.

When you have to choice either of

2 paths, your blind, you won't

know whats ahead of you. Sure,

you have the choice of choosing

the path to take, but eventually,

you will choice the wrong path

(traveled by often or not), a

dead end, that will result (ex.

lose of job, girlfriend, or even life).

So in life, you are prone to go the

wrong way, and end up at that

dead end

Added by: Bahamilliam Schumacher the Fifth
I just wanted to say i have my own unique opinion about this poem, and after recieving my PhD in poetry a couple years ago i say that my opinion is well placed. To spark some thought into your minds, ask yourself this. This choice that Robert Frost has made, does it have to be so symbolic?
Bachamillian the Fifth where hast thou been?
Added by: paul
Nice prose.

Was your thesis as insightful as this?

Added by: julia
look also at the seconds stanza.

both roads have been well-traveled and beaten down with the passing of feet. one has more recent wear - is more popular. the second is NOT a winding sylvan path of mystery and enchantment. it is well known, to others though not the poet.

perhaps he was choosing out-moded conventionality over the more progressive (and more traveled) path of the times.
Added by: derek
all he is trying to say it to be a leader instead of a follower
Added by: Katie
In response to Julia's comment:
She makes a very valid point, the poem only says that the "road less travled by" has not been traveled recently. That does not mean that a lot of people have not seen it, only that it has not recently been traveled. "Less travled" could mean one or one billion. Why do you think it hasn't recently been traveled? Think about it.
Added by: seraph
this poem can have many interpretations. all are right depending on the indivdual. one interpretation that this poem is stating that we always have choices. we choose one and move on with our lives, but how would our lives be now if years ago we would have taken gone on the road that was not taken? when i look at it, i see frost stating that he leaves the road that is clear for another day(if he gets the choice again.) He knows the outcome of the one choice but is not sure of the other, so his curiousness takes over. he takes the unused path in hopes that he can be a better person than if he took the clear path.
Added by: Akash Kumar
This poem is perhaps the most misinterpreted of all. The last few lines SHOW how frost mocks those people with indecision and thus it is not a poem about individualism, but a mockery of his friend, Sir, Edward Poface.

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