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The Road Not Taken

Robert Frost

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Added by: Calum
At this point I am still divided on the true meaning of this poem, but I think most of you are missing that he regrets the path he took, as it says in the last stanza "I shall be telling this with a sigh" and goes on to tell about the choice he made, just a thought for you guys to work on.
the road not taken
Added by: antman
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Added by: Fyda
I am more inclined to believe that this poem is about the pointlessness of indecision. It's far too typical of the majority to twist everything into a positive message. I've seen the last three lines of this poem regurgitated EVERYWHERE in mass media... how convenient that they cut off all the cynical rest. It's called the Disney treatment.

How does a man (the indecisive chap being mocked in this poem) know that if he takes the path "less traveled by," it will be the right one? He doesn't. Since he doesn't know the "ways" that would lead on from the the way NOT taken, it's all basically guesswork. Therefore all he has in his old age to massage his ego and give superficial meaning to his life is to tell himself that oh, he made such a choice here that made SUCH a difference. As if it were even in his control!

I, for one, can taste the biting sarcasm in that last line: "And that has made all the difference."
Added by: Adam
It's about being your own person and not just going along with the crowd.
Goos job
Added by: Nick
I think your peom is excellent keep up the good work.Its just so true.:)
"Though as for that the passing there/Had worn the
Added by: Rachel
"Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,"

These two lines are perhaps the most widely ignored of Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken". This is a satirical poem making fun of his friend who always made the biggest deals over the smallest choices. Frost is saying that sometimes a decision really doesn't make a difference.

And before people start attacking me for ruining their beloved poem, realize that I'm an English and Professional Writing major in college and have had to review and critique this poem many times. I even have a book where the author says that it is a satirical poem based on what I have just said.
The Road Not Taken
Added by: Bret Cornell
Frost informs us that the difference, a positive difference, was made by learning the importance of individualism. He knew that both paths might even end up in a similar place, but he chose the one that was not as popular. The message of this poem is clearly that we must be careful not to follow a path only becasue it is the popular thing to do.
Added by: davy joe
When he says, with a sigh; i think frost feels he took the right path, but like anyone, he wonders what would have happened if he took the other route. For not knowing this, he sighs, not because he took the wrong path.
Added by: Brian
I think this poem is not about the road less traveled because most people tend to look at the fact that frost says in his poem that the road he took was the better claim because it was grassy and wanted wear, but I don't think that means it was less traveled, rather that by this road being grassy it drew more attention and that's why it was the better claim because one of the definitions of claim is defined as to force somebody to give attention so the grassy road would force more attention than the one that isn't.
Adding on to my last comment
Added by: Brian
I would also like to point out how in the line 5 frost says the other path had undergrowth then in line 6 frost says the other was just as fair and one definition of fair defines it as something that is pleasing to the eye so looking at one path with undergrowth and another being grassy the grassy one would be the more appeasing one to look at and demand more attention than the one with undergrowth or at least to frost eyes because he describes the second path as being fairer to him even though someone else may see the path with the undergrowth being more pleasing to look at

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