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Sex Without Love

Sharon Olds

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Added by: David
This poem is truely awful.
not much
Added by: Andrew Mayers
A woman's poem.
Sex without Love - the poem
Added by: Molly the Bunny
I think the writer has been sucked INTO the hypocritical puritanism of our current American society(leaning toward the right). The teaching of abstinance ...all the while portraying our daughters blatantly as sex objects...of allowing children to witness thousands of murders, but no intimacy (not even with "love" associated), causes me great concern! While I personally, belileve in monogamy, I also feel that safe, consensual sex is healthy AND natural - NOT bad and evil. Perhaps if more people thought the same, we could all relax a bit. Slow down, enjoy life. Let go of anger, bitterness, hostility and hate. I bet the crime rate would even drop. Hmmmmmm....
think what you want
Added by: matt
I can't help it, every time I run across this poem I have to stop and read it. Striking. Olds' poems may be the most insightful of the century.

And, at least by the posters on this message board, she's been terribly misread.

Leaning to the right? Right?

You do read english... correct ?
Added by: anonymous
Yeah, it's like Cameron Diaz says to Tom Cruise is Vanilla Sky: "I swallowed your cum!" In other words: " don't you know what that means? It means I love you!" I don't understand people who don't 'get' that.
Sex without love
Added by: quanterbug
I think that Sharon Olds wrote a wonderful peice. Both strong and opinionated, she is consumed with the vital effects that love has on people as she describes the ultimated act of passion without any true attatchment. The acceptance of 'casual sex' in our society is a shame. In the end Olds leaves you with an unpleasent aftertaste, affirming that there are no winners, no successes, just an endless racing to your death, but how will you give meaning to your end? Every life was created to love, how do you live without it?
sex with out love is lame
Added by: Natalie
I like the poem sex without love. I think that Olds says a lot. I think that Olds is bewildered at the fact that something as beautiful and sacred as love can be taken so lightly. How do you "make love" without love? I think that she is saying that she is confused how people have sex without really loving the person they are with. I agree with that part of the poem. If you truly love someone then you should wait till marriage. That is true love. Even if Olds just wants you to love someone to have sex I think it is also important to be married.
Sex Without Love
Added by: Melissa
I think it's beautiful. I love Olds, and anyone who can see her as right-winged is clearly not reading her at all! I agree with the Vanilla Sky comment. And I don't see this poem as a judgement on people's choice to have sex without love. I think she's simply describing the ironic question of "How does one make love without love?" We do - very simply and very truly.
Added by: Kate
rastus -- you should read this; then you wouldn't have to write such stupid and false poetry yourself. I pity you and the Mid-America Review at this point.
for those who dont know the point of poetry
Added by: star
i am worried about those who were concerned about Old's feelings towards casual sex. Looking at one side of the topic, Olds wrote an insightful poem. Just because she wrote it, doesn't mean she truly feels that way. She could go and write a poem the very next day about the freedom and greatness of causal sex. You cannot necessarily assume a poet's opinion based on a possibly ficticious poem.

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