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Sex Without Love

Sharon Olds

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Added by: Justin
Ever wonder if she was a bit envious of the ones who "make love without love". That they could experience anything close to what occurs between lovers.
Sex without Love
Added by: Anne Marie
I love this poem. Olds is not judging those who have sex without love but, rather, admires their ability to do so. They realize that they are alone in the universe and can depend upon no one (which is a pretty good idea!)
Added by: Blarg
If you think sex without love is bad, or sex with love is good, try sex without love from one one partner, then sex with love from both, then sex without love from the other partner, then no sex., in that order. Sex without love is just fine. Sex with love is great too. It's the grey area between them really bites, even more so than no sex at all, but you do it anyway thinking it won't be, then you cry a lot and wish you were a virgin, or could castrate yourself like in "Freedom" by Bukowski.
Added by: Terry
As a male, I am surprised by how this is being read by some. I don't think the speaker in the poem is preaching abstinance but is trying to find the difference between making love and physical love. As much as the speaker may envy the prowess of the athletes, she reserves her acceptance or condemnation. Much ambivalence in the end. A very good poem.
Sew without Love by Sharon Olds
Added by: Arinthea Tillman
Sharon Olds's poem "Sex without Love" is basically stating that the American society is migrating away from its religious virtues because people are now having pre-maritaial sex. Olds is criticizing America's society because people are having sex without any type of affection. She implies that when people are alone, they still need toget some type of affection;so she is just putting it out there by stating that everyone is just trying to have an orgasim without having strings attached.
Added by: Baseer Ahmed

that men and women thinks majority of the time during each day. I as a

hetrosexual man personally thinks that women has to prove themselves

that they will not give any type of trouble to men for the rest of the

eternity period after having sex for not only to have sex once but to

have sex over and over again. The simple reason is male sexual organs

works only when they gets excited and for men to get excited for sex

the lady has to prove themselves peaceful ladies for eternity. The

point is sex is only possible when things are peaceful for eternity.

Everyone is right
Added by: Reader
Has anyone heard of 'death of the author'? Once a text leaves its author's hands it exposes itself to many different meanings. Whatever you personally get from the poem is valid. It doesn't mean that that is what Olds is trying to say. And if your meaning is different to the authors it doesn't make you wrong. You should critisise a poem from a technical standpoint and then analyse its meanings without judging the author.
Added by: Candace
in a way i agree with olds about how can you make love with out love? But sometimes sex is just that, sex. I donít agree with waiting until you get married to have sex. I have found that with some of my very conservative family members who have waited till marriage. they rushed into it. they all dropped out of college to get married and 1/2 of them are divorced. I think the thought of waiting till marriage is beautiful and if u are mature enough to handle such a decision then thatís great. but by all means donít go and do something stupid like dropping out of school just because you want to get laid.
Sex w/o love
Added by: mark
I find olds poem brutally honest. She speaks about the harsh reality of loveless sex. It is also about the loneliness and isolation we can feel as humans, even during our most intimate moments. It is even about the joy of solitude..the oneness with the universe ....
Added by: Christa
I had to read this poem in my Women's literature class and then write a paper on the body, in which I used this poem as an example. I took this poem at first as celebrating the body, yes, but then for some reason I took it as in Olds didnt understand how people had sex without being in love, therefore I thought she viewed it as a sin, as evil. Due to this i got can imcomplete on my paper because the teacher didnt agree with my view. I took the poem too literally and put my views and feelings into the paper to make it seem as if though it was Olds view. However, after re-reading it, I feel that she doesnt view it as an evil, sinful act, its a normal thing to do and she is just wondering how they can do it..maybe because she wishes she could? or maybe she wishes she didnt get as attached as she does...? like many women in this world today. Having sex, with or without love, before marriage is a normal and mature act in my eyes...and people just need to deal with it!

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