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Sex Without Love

Sharon Olds

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Sex without Love
Added by: Rebecca
It took so long for me to find poems I actually understand and am passionate about! I can totally agree with this attitude. I mean I can’t say I’ll wait until marriage for sex, but girls these days are such sluts, they give themselves to their boyfriends no matter how many boyfriends they’ve had. Sex is supposed to be about love. In the Bible a man isn’t “married” to his wife, a man “knows” his wife. Maybe if people actually took the time to get to know their partners, we wouldn’t have such a surge of unwanted pregnancy and disease. Girls my age these days disgust me with how they think it is cool to just go around ‘hooking up’ with random guys. Girls show some respect for yourself, these tart girls these days need to get some self-esteem. Sex can wait abstinate! Sex is supposed to be a sacred act between two people who love each other, not just two lustful people who can’t be mature enough to wait until it is the right person, then wonder why they have kids at age 15. “Gee, I don’t understand how this could have happened!!” Well if that is your line, you are pretty stupid! Before I get to worked up over this, I’m going to stop writing.
Added by: olds sucks
this might be the worst shit i was forced to read for english..This women is ugly and she writes about the popes penis. I think she should go outside and walk her fat ass into oncoming traffic
Added by: Maria
I personally think that Olds, although may have not understood the imapact of her peom, got the point across about sex woithout love. To having sex is a beautiful thing that is to be shared between two people: a man and his wife. I don't beileve in premarital sex because there is no love in it. If two people truely love ecah other than the can wait till there are married and then share that bond with each other. Having sex without love can lead to things such as STD's and pregnancy. If the two people chossing sex truley love each other then why not wait.
Added by: Not A Factor
You had me at the first paragraph. then you slowly stopped making sense.
Added by: Lana
if you do not understand this poem you have not experienced the sting of being without nor the release of being free.
Come to the still waters...
Added by: Andrea
By reading these comments, it becomes clear that few of you have a small grasp of what Olds is trying to say, most of you, however, come up empty handed. I only hope that none of you are paying what I am for my education, it's all going to waste. And "Star", it's not called a "ficticious" poem. It simply means that although the poet is the AUTHOR OF the poem, they are not necessarily the SPEAKER IN the poem. It's a beautiful poem, containing all elements of a well-written poem, and those that disagree don't have enough education to matter.
it's real!!!
Added by: lucia
good or bad, i don't think olds is making a judgement here: she is just making observations on reality. the reality is that people have sex without love, and while it is an experience likened to "come (ing) to still waters", it is ALSO empty because "they know they are alone". it's complete unity and solitude at the same time. i mean it's a classic oxymoron, sex without love, togetherness and loneliness, beautiful dancers and the lone runner. this is an awesome poem. and the right-wing born-again christians need to loosen up and hey- get laid-- whether you love or not, in honor of sharon olds.
The Point of Sex
Added by: Lytton Bell
I think Olds is simply saying that sex without love is sort of silly and sad and pointless. She never seems to suggest that sex in any of its forms anything other than an act of beauty. It's just that the people who do it lovelessly are confused, they "love the priest instead of the God." Their only concern is "their own pleasure" in an act that is as intimate as you can be with another person. These people think they know "the truth, which is the single body alone in the universe," but Olds asserts that it doesn't HAVE to be this way...true sharing IS possible. It is what makes us human, and, what's more, it may be the only thing worth having in the end.
To Andrea
Added by: Booba the Scooba
You're right, it contains all the elements of a "good poem", very work(wo)man-like, well-wrought, and generally, very boring. I find nothing fresh about this poem, nothing exhilarating or powerful, only a string of tired analogies, and the "Oh-ah" metaphysical "Hoorah" that gives nothing, and is nothing, that is, except a "well written poem"
Added by: Evad
Good Lord, why was this woman ever published? Probably by the same people who gave Celine Dion a recording contract. To be on the same site as Bukowski, Eliot, and Larkin! Awful, simply awful...

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