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Visitors' Comments about:

Sex Without Love

Sharon Olds

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Added by: pat
Of course what Olds is saying is true.. and has always been true. It is what all of us were put on this Earth to do, fall in love and make love. Although it does not work that easily for MOST PEOPLE.. I being one. Olds can say how meaningless it is to be with a person that you do not love, but it is hard to resist if the temptation arises. I guess it is up to the person to deside not if it is the right choice for them (because honestly you know deep down it is not) but if you can resist what you are being tempted with. If you can set aside that temporary gradification to wait for that certain someone that you may never find....
Added by: sarah
Anyone who doubts that sex without love is ultimately ludicrous should watch six episodes of "Sex and the City" back to back. One episode was funny. Six were pathetic.
Added by: Mae
I like this poem. Whether you read it for fun or for a class, you will find something that strikes you. Whether you like it or not, you will remember this poem. Personally, I do like it; I read it quite often. If I'm in a catty mood I want to read it for the sex appeal; if I'm in a scholarly mood, I read it for the syntax and devices. Regardless, I can and will always get something out of this poem. For thosen of you who do not like it, answer me this: Will you remember it? Whether for its supposed greatness and its undue praise, or for its trite content?

Added by: Adrian
This poem was just as good the fiftieth time I read it as it was the first and that's a rarity. It is not a "woman's" poem or a "conservative" poem. Some of you people are idiots. Olds' sense of rhythm is awesome and the subject matter of this piece is chilling. It is not preachy at all; it is social commentary. If there were more contempory poets who could write something comparable to this, poetry would still be an important art form.
Added by: elizabeth
i think many of you are missing the point. olds is saying that sex without love is an inevitable concept. instead of condeming the ones who do sex without love, she almost admires them. olds honestly is fascinated with these people, who like prime athletes "come to the come to the come to the god" casual sex is like a false god, a mask to cover their truly lonely hearts. olds does not totally disagree with casual sex, she just is fascinated with the concept.
truely excellent
Added by: kylie
this poem is so true. with the divorce rate being so high in america... are people having sex with out love? are people who have sex with out love on a higher level than those with love? they can detach themselves from reality.
Or are they lost in themselves... the most selfish of them all. running alone in a marathon of life must not be too much fun. Most of all, what makes this a good poem is the fact that it has left me thinking....
This poem is about...
Added by: Leon
...solipsistic onanism maquerading as the simulacrum of the sex act - it is entirely beautiful - an oxymoronic tragic comment on what makes us human and it is ultimately about barrenness. A lot of commentators on this forum obviously haven't got the life experience to "read" such a text. Live a bit and then come back to it again in a few years...
Added by: anonymous
I think that Sharon Olds is expressing her amazement/wonder towards those people who ean actually have sex without love. In her poem, she makes it sound like it is difficult for her to fathom how they can emotionally detach themselves from the person that they have sex with.
stupid people shouldnt read
Added by: Adam
apoligies to those who actually spent some thought in interpreting this poem. i had to read it for a class as well, by choice from over 100 poems to write about. not only is this NOT about abstinence/christianity/right wing ideals or any of that thoughtless garbage, it merely critiques the idea of sex without love. it is also a commentary on religion.. saying that the "true religious" will not accept a "false messiah", yet most religious peope personify this messiah as a priest...which is a great metaphor for love/sex... sex is the priest of love (god)... it is possible that she is commenting on the idea of love being god above all else... not that sex without love is bad, shes saying its just not as good without love... (another metaphor) it is just like a sport (which is also open to opinion as to being good/bad).
someone who has had sex with someone they do not love will most likely say that the experience was better when/if they had sex with someone they love. look below sterotypes.
Added by: Patrick Cotter
Sharon Olds is simply one of the best contemporary poets writing in American today. There are others such as C.K. Williams, Ashbury and Simic. But if you people can't handle Olds, stay away from the others if you want to escape an aneurism.

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