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Visitors' Comments about:

Sex Without Love

Sharon Olds

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Added by: Kenzie
I do not beleive that Olds was concerned with the moral issues that casual sex brings up. In fact I think she was in awe at these "performers" who could in fact have sex without love. Yet she sees them for wha they are "great runners". I also like the Vanilla Sky comment thats such a great flick!
Added by: Joe
This may be, by far, the best poem I have ever read. There is so much deeper meaning behind these words. People on this messageboard have no idea what they are talking about.
Added by: anonymous
well i am not any one to be speaking of what this poem mean because i for one have absolutley zero clue but what it seems to me is that the person who the speaker is speaking of is just affraid to be alone so she will do anything in her power to find someone even if she doesnt love them shes just affraid to be alone.
I know nothing
Added by: Daswan
Does Olds own opinions coincide with this poem? Maybe. Is this poem a lot more complex than at first glances? It better be. Are most people on this writing with their own agendas? Definately
Honestly though, my favourite comment was the one about walking out into traffic. Hilarious.
just dropping by...
Added by: Charleston
The poem starts calmly enough with a simple rhetorical question implying that the speaker just cannot understand sex without love. Of coarse we don't know if the speaker is a he or she bec. speaker-narrator(persona=mask), its not neccessaryly that the one who wrote the poem is the one who is speaking. i hope everybody knows that.
Anyway, the speaker suddenly loss his/her vocal control in the midst of what seems to be a calm analysis of his/her feelings about sexual behavior. Line 8-10, that's where the speaker shows her uneasy feeling about people having sex withoout love.
Lines 2-4 compare such sexual activity with some distant aesthetic with two carefully delineated examples, and the speaker-although plainly disapproving -seems coolly, almost chilllingly in control of the analysis and evaluation.
I got more to say but the space that I have here won't probably enough if I finish my analysis about the poem. I hope this will be a help for those people who want to understand the poem more clearly in a deeper aspect. After all there is no right or wrong it just a matter of a closer reading and poor reading.
Added by: holley
I think this is a wonderful poem. I found it by accident. But she hits the nail on the head with this work. It's true that sex is just sex and there is no more love involved anymore. The term "making love" has lost all it's original meaning. The truth is always hard to accept, but with the way society is going -- it will only get worse.

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