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Visitors' Comments about:

The Sick Rose

William Blake

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Added by: Stacie jaramillo
I would like to say this poem could mean several things. I tried to take apart the poem and find a meaning for the rose and the worm but I can't get it together.
Added by: lesley
the rose is a tadition symbol of female beauty and love, while the worm is a symbol of male sexuality. the love in this poem is 'dark secret love' which destroys the rose.
Added by: Tiara
I think this poem has deep depth and meaning. This is one of the best poems I've ever read! :-)
Actual Meaning
Added by: Fiona
I found the meaning of the poem after much though. It is a priest (the worm) who preaches and preaches till this women (represented by the Rose) cannot live their life to the fullest.
Added by: jacqui
This poem is about forbidden love and its consequences
Added by: Christopher
The Rose seems to symbolize love and purity in some way. The reference to "crimson joy" in part could be a sexual reference: love, lust. Roses tend to used as a symbol of love, but since there is a point of making the rose innocent, it would probably mean a little girl (a virgin.) The worm, disgusting, black, vile would be the sexual anti-thesis, thusly some adult, possibly physically diseased himself and therefore passing on disease to the child upon its loss of sexual innocence. However, the disease that the worm passes on may be entirely emotional or mental, and the worm may have just made the rose (or a child) no longer innocent or pure of heart.
Added by: scotty
i have been asked to analyise this poem and explain what it means such as the plot and theme and just what it means in general please help me ASAP cause i need you to help me. thankyou.
sick rose
Added by: jane
this poem is about syphillis, a killer at the time it was written
Added by: Lora
I dont think this poem has any meaning and that the author is probally having a laugh now at anyone trying to make any sense of it.(I hope that helped!)
The Sick Rose
Added by: Tyler
Wow, a priest? This poem is simply about fading love, or, love that is sick. Unless you get a chance to see the engraving that goes along with the poem you can not get much more out of it. There is nothing in the text to suggest preaching, so it has definately got nothing to do with a priest. One must have strong evidence to back up his or her claims when analysing literature; there always must be proof. All we may use is the text.

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