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Visitors' Comments about:

The Sick Rose

William Blake

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Added by: kiki
this poem is about a woman (rose) whose lover (worm or man) cheats on her her happiness (joy) is gone and her life is destroyed by his other love
Blake's Genius
Added by: G
Blake's genius is that he was able to combine multiple meanings into such a few lines. I don't agree that the poet is laughing in his grave, well maybe at the Titanic deconstruct, but is smiling that his works are still read with such intense interest and fierce convictions. Enjoy!
Added by: Hannah
I believe the poem is seen from the view of a man who's lover (wife etc) has been cheater of being unfaithfull, dishonest etc... the worm represents the pityfull man who she is 'playing away' with, while the rose represents the women who is involved. However it could have a variety of meanings. For example, the use of a bed is very intermate and therefore could reflect something from William Blake's person life. = )
Added by: William
It is a poem about England.
At the time, going through the industrial revolution. The invisible worm is the concept of progress and it is destroying the country's living standards and reducing it to ruins. Essentially, there are three level, each deeper than the next. The Rose is raped by the insect, the vagina is raped by the penis and the nation is raped by its politics.
Added by: Trey Allan Knarr
Blake was a major influence on Jim Morrison, and the first lines could be read as social commentary on the innate sinful nature ... I quote Blake quite a bit in my day to day life to freak people out when it's appropriate.
just right criticism for sick rose
Added by: Dr. shirzadeh barogh
the rose is a symbol of a virgin, pure girl and the worm is a symbol of a male who is tempted to have an intercourse
with an innocent girl seductively. then one day she found her life has been ruined unfairly .
the poem has a sexual connotation
Added by: Mai yosry
i think that the poem has a sexual connotation though it might not be obvious. the bed of the rose is the bed of lovers and the worm symbolizes the phallus
Added by: J
in the poem it says "And his dark secret love, Does thy life destroy". from this i have interpretted it to be in referral to the pain and heartache that love can bring. it has a way of portraying love as a controlling emotion as it has the potential to destroy. the bed of crimson joy could be someone that has been so hurt by love that they have died or mentally died and not physically so they are bound to their bed (depression) the further referral to destruction links to the aforesaid as the persons life has been destroyed and they don't feel that they can continue to live. just a mention to say that the other comments did help me to further understand the poem. i thought i was interesting about the thoery someone had wit the worm taking the innocence of a young girl (virginity) could this not lead us on to death...Andrew Marvell says in 'to his coy mistress' that if the girls viginity is not taken by him then the worms will have it. so could this poem also be about a young girl dying? maybe she did and thats why the person 'narating' the poems life is so destroyed? he doesn't knwo what to do without her, she could have died in his bed? murder? so thats why the bed is crimson (blood red?). something else to think about. anyway thanks and i hope my comment was of interest to someone :D x

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