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The Sick Rose

William Blake

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C'mon people..
Added by: flinker
No 'text', in whichever field of the arts, can be viewed as a type of algebra, where 'x' represents something else and there is only one end result. All texts are a construct of society, nature, and, fittingly enough in this case, 'Experience'. These are all complexly interwoven to produce a cross-referential piece.
So the rose does not represent a vagina, nor an innocent woman, as a priest is not represented by the worm. The metaphors in the poem represent all of these and none of these at the same time.
Rape of a woman is the same as rape of a land; a venereal disease is the same as religious corruption or the spread of an industrial blot on the landscape is the same as an affair is the same as death. These references are all inextricably linked and their sources and inferences cannot be cleanly separated from each other in the manner of a chemical reaction. At the base of all art is the life/death juxtaposition - the heart of the human condition - and all interpretations are variants of this. Thus, all interpretations I have seen are equally valid but I would beware trying to find one universal meaning from a work of art.
get it right
Added by: bex
Never, in this poem, is there a mention of a black worm. An invisible worm, with a 'dark, secret love'..so please stop saying there is. It follows that the worm must indeed be a concept, idea, or physical disease. Im thinking there's a possibility it may even be something so abstract as jealousy, infecting a relationship ('bed of crimson joy'), although im not sure how to resolve the next line, 'his dark secret love'. However there is no way that the Rose is the manifestation of innocence as it previously has this 'bed of crimson joy'...
Added by: d-rizel
i think that the poem is aout a loved ones death the rose referres to a pet name of a loved one and the invisable worm referres to death by relating a worm which is a scavenger who feeds off dead material.
the sick rose
Added by: pip
the sick rose is about prostitutes. just look at blakes context. he was an advocate for prostitutes rights during a time when doctors adviced men to go to prostituites to satify themselves instead of infecting and killing their wives with stds. the invisible worm that howls in the night is the stds passed on during sex. blake said that it was wrong to place the prostitutes lives at stake, just because they were deemed lower than other people, and that they had rights to life just as any other person, and it shouldnt be taken away just so some man could be satified. by refering to the rose (the prostitutes) as being sick, he is akknowlegding that they are sick, that they have been infected. and the dark secret love refered to is the secret affair the man has with the prostitute, and does thy life destroy means that the std passed on during sex will destroy the prostitutes life, it will kill them.
hope i helped a bit!!!
Added by: Rhiannon
i think its to do with a girl thats in love, but hes a 'worm' that has cheated and fies away at night after arguments, he found a nother love from another woman, and this dark secret love has destroyed the first girl
Added by: may
couldnt the rose just be symbolic of the lack of awareness in love during the industrial revolution?
the rose is a rose
Added by: grugzilla
I believe this poem is both about the movie men in black. the worm is an alien from the crimson planet or mars. The rose sybolises both earth and will smith. Thw
the sick rose
Added by: noah .z
let me tell everyone about the sick rose, everyone that wrote about this poem was wrong, some were right about it being about sex and the industrial revoultion, but what it truly ment was at the time of all the industrial revoultiion the churches had power and told people that they could not see there wives in the light, and the woman were not aloud to express there sexual feelings, woman were told that if they did they were looked at like beast, like men were, so the men would be desgustied with there wives if they saw that they were enjoying the sex, so at that time the wive would get a clitorl removel, thinking that it would talk away all sexual earges, and it did but at the same time the men would be desgusted by there wives acts towards sex, so the husbands would go out and have sex with prostitutes and thus pick up a std called sifilis, then they would bring it home to there wife and (kids), when i say kids i mean the daughter, after the husband couldent bear to have sex with his wife he would go to his daughter, ages 7-12 and have sex with her 2 to 3 times a week, as a child you dont know right from wrong, thus the beggining of the poem called innocents, and the sick rose meaning the girl bleading and eturnely scarred for life do to this act of rape, and the meaning of a storm, means the mans furry the power over the little girl the onlything the man has controll over, his life out of controll poor, cant save any money, the whole family has to work 12 to 16 hour days, just to turn around and do it the next day, and down the road his wife will find out and she will say nothing due to the fact that she does not want the marrage to fall apart, not that there is much there anyway
sick rose
Added by: noah
the worm in the night refers to a worm in the night, worms in the night will destroy the flower in the morning, thus a father coming in the night to destroy his daugher taking her innocens and destroying her and the family for the rest of there life, once the wife finds out that her husband has been raping there daughter the family will be broken and the girl/flower will be destroyed for live, the hurrican is the man/husband is inraged by his pointless life
sick rose
Added by: melissa
When i first read this poem i thought it was a mother losing her child...maybe thats just me! and about alanis im sure she doesnt kno the meaning of ironic lol the whole song is about how things are sposed to be ironic but arent..."its like rain on ur wedding day?" maybe if ur husband to be was a weather man!

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