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Visitors' Comments about:

The Sick Rose

William Blake

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Added by: Loz
i hav read every comment on this page to see if there was any good analysis that i could use for my art exam
i agree with the idea of rape, loss of virginity, sexual context etc and i also think the fact that it would represent england during the corrupt time of the industrial revolution. and the siphyllis idea is also a good one.

the one about the titanic- just no. was it even around wen blake wrote the poem?

but cheers for all the comments, i mite use the sexuality one. but from reading everyones comments its clear to see that the context of this poem depends entirly on the reader and how they interpret it.

Added by: tynnian
nicole, i congrat you on your comparison to The Picture of Dorian Gray. It is an excellent novel. However, you cannot overlook the obvious references in the poem to a lost innocence.
Added by: Jane
Could it be about a woman's betrayal of her husband? I take sick as being morally disgusting and 'fly by night to be' some sort of hidden affair.
Added by: Rates
Of course the Titanic wasn't around when Blake was alive (let alone the movie!), he died nearly a hundred years before it was built. I suspect the poster of that comment was having a laugh.
I completely agree with Zephyr. No-one can claim to have 'found' the meaning of any piece of literature, or indeed art in general. Art is to be interpreted by the beholder, prompting discussion and debate and you can't reject a person's viewpoint outright if they can justify their ideas with evidence.
Anyhow, I've enjoyed reading others' comments and would go with the interpretation of the rose and the worm as metaphors for a young, innocent woman destroyed by death (whether through syphilis or otherwise).
Added by: jodi
wow, take a look back into history and get your facts straight. the only comment that had a remote sense of what they were talking about was shunned by all the other comments. blake lived in 1757-1827 most of his poetry was about london and the corrupt way of the church. so yes the poem had to do with a priest and the vile way the people were dealt with. before making a analysis and talking all fancy, how about doing some research before hand?
sick rose
Added by: Amanda
the rose represents the young orphan girls that the churches in england were prostituting at the time. the worm is the men who seek these young prostitutes, and give them diseases, that they eventually die from. the church saw nothing wrong with this. they told the children that this was their job, and though it was horrible, that they had heaven to look forward to. they didnt feel the children needed to be taken care of in this life, because they would be taken care of in the next.
Added by: christine
Blake is warning girls about the dangers of sexually diseases
The Sick Rose
Added by: Miss Moo
I have been studiing this poem at school it is about a secret love the rose is a woman and the worm is a pennis of a man taking her virginity and being left alone aferwards the crimson joy is blood from the females vagina through her first sexual intercourse.
Added by: David
I can't believe nobody got this yet. It's a political poem about a corrupt English politician of the time, George Rose.
Added by: Anecia
i just saw it as a rose being the rose and the invisble worm as the butterfly and the butterfly flies onto the flower and feeds, thats what a butterfly does, but if u look at in a human way, then rape could be one of them

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