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Visitors' Comments about:

The Sick Rose

William Blake

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Added by: Ashle
I thought it was a really good poem but i didnt understand it that well. i guess it was good enough because i am using it in my poetry project.
Added by: Hallie
wow this page is hysterical. Kudos to whoever wrote about the Titanic. That was absolutely priceless. (not to mention insightful haha) in my opinion, the poem is undeniably sexual, even taking into consideration blake's political position as well as the events of the time. the rose is a typical sexually repressed female, and the worm is a phallic symbol that takes the roses virginity, bringing about its fall only because society at this time rejected female sexuality as anything other than perverse.
The Sick Rose
Added by: The ROse
William Blake was not writing about industrial revolutions or disease or the titanic. The idea of revolution can be found but within the terms of the change from innocence and adolescence to the world of experience. The belief that it is about disease can also be misinterpreted but its there to represent how sex has become sordid and hidden from the world. Blake believed society should not repress the natural desire of sexual intercourse. The idea of disease is also from the idea that the "rose" is a virgin and so has now been tainted from sex. The titanic idea is idiotic. Blake is trying to say that society and the church have oppressed their natural emotions and Blake believes that we should be free to express them. This idea of celebrating sex can be found in "The Blossom".
the sick rose
Added by: rammers
im studying Bake's songs of innocence and experience for A-level english lit and all of these comments have really helped me with my analysis of the poem so thanks. no-one except Blake knows the actual meaning for the poem so there is a possibility that all of your thoughts could be right so you shouldnt criticise other people's opinions as nobody is certain about the real meaning. cheers xxx
Added by: em-em
The poem reveals how a sexual act can be destructive to women. Especially when society have restrictions of it.
Added by: abdelkarim amzil akka tata
as the case might be ,the Sick Rose is about an attack of valuable emotions,aspects of innocence and avowedly respectful ethics and manners.The rose is apowerful symbol of that innocence ;life and verginity;and wormth is significantly a symbol of monsterness,destruction and death.In addition,the storming night designes the betrial and crimson stands for the gravety of the act.Most probablly Wiliam Blake sheads light on people desire to violate gravely their precious values and rituals.He may also criticize the tendancy and the unlimited appetite of Man to impose his power upon the other ;and women in particular.All in all,this poem is entireky a reflection of what is coming up in socities.
Added by: jessie ray b. mangundayao
the sick rose is not about industrial revolution but about a woman who gave herself to a deceitful man and after what happen she realized that she made the biggest mistake in her life... rose represent the woman more specifically her virginity...
wow!! the best one
Added by: abderahim zakar
frankly i,m very happy to read this lovely poet its the best one by its use of metaphor to show thing the kept between lienes.
frankly its the best one that i read ....
Added by: Danielle
i did not read all of the comments on the peom, but it is simple. the poem is about the rose/woman being rape. it talks about the worm/man that flys in the night. hello when do most peole get raped. then it speaks about the howling of the storm peolple assume that means the wind but in fact holwing by definition means to cry or wail loudly, as in pain, sorrow, or anger. the woman is fighting for her life. then it talks about the crimson blood that is her virginity that he has now taken. if you notice in the poem it says nothing about her being satisfied it all his. he then destorys her life. most women when they are raped do not know how to handle it well at all they can not stop thinkig about the rape and she is one of them.
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Added by: karim amzil
notablly;ithink the poem is about the enormus violation of innocence verginity and shamefulness.indeed;all valuable ethics are currently throwed down.

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