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Visitors' Comments about:

A Poison Tree

William Blake

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Added by: Bob
mystic; Blake infuses original sin -- fruit in garden -- Cain's murder and need to communicate even with enemies.
Added by: Tristan
Im doing this poem for my college English class, i have to teach it to the clas, any insite or info on it would be appreciated, feel free to send me some email.
Added by: shamus chapman
do you really need help analyzing this? if so i pitty you.
Added by: Joe
Shamus - if you think it is that simple I pity you for your lack of imagination.
Added by: bec
can you please help me anaylis the difference between 'songs of innocence and 'a poison tree'??
Added by: tonia farrow
i liked this poem because it is so true of how so many of us masqurade our true feelings towards those that we really dont care much for. this poem also is exempliary of how we poison others that have mistreated us...
Resentments are the number one offender.
Added by: Jack
Hey Tristan - I really don't think you're qualified to give your "insite" to any "clas" at all.
Blake's Poems
Added by: Timothy Laxton
I think "shamus chapman" needs a life and to get off his high horse, and Tristan you need to learn how to type, I feel sorry for your class. Anyway, The Poison Tree is a way in which one may express himself. Blake tells how he could tell his problem to friend and his problem went away. But when he had an issue with an enemy and it built up and it poisoned the foe. The speaker told no one of his wrath and it grew and grew until it became leathal.
Added by: Tessott
You ALL need to chill out! SOme people get poems straight up some people don't. Some people have lives!!!!!! Get over yourselves just a little and cut the rest of us plebs some slack...
Added by: Alcarinquen
"A Poison Tree" suggests to me a prisoner’s confession without actually naming or describing the crime itself. The speaker takes the time to brag about how he implemented his plan, without admitting his crime. Thus this poem’s impact lies in the dangers that can arise FROM allowing one’s anger to grow unchecked and take over our minds, hearts, and souls, like a wild plant in the garden of our experience.

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