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A Poison Tree

William Blake

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Added by: jasmine
this poem made soo much sense and is so beautiful
Added by: T.M.Hardy
Bill- I will post replies to things whenever I want to. I would like to see you stop me. 2 years 5 months 8 days
Added by: hannah
wow, i just want to say an absoltuly stunned thanks to the person that left the long in depth analysis of The Poison Tree. I have often been mesmerised and in love with the darkness and beauty of this poem but you have given me insights into the poem and blakes character that i never thought i could have. Thank you!
Apologies for a comment made years ago
Added by: Shamus Chapman
Years past in retrospect I would like to say that i do apologize for being snide and rude. And in time life knocks us all off our high horse. :) apologies for trolling etc, do try to find forgiveness for a smart ass young kid.
Added by: Tamara
I've always liked Blake because he is able to get away with rhyming and not sound like a complete cheese puff. I've always liked this poem in particular because it was the first poem I read that made me laugh out loud.
poison tree
Added by: gheorghe solomon
The first stanza present us a Blake that wants to be a good christian first of all. He stoped his angry, doesn't let it to grow more for his foes, and stoped his angry definitivelly for his friends, (it arrived to un end ) it finished for ever.
And he goes on to grow into a good christian to respect the comedments, even it was difficult and he made it some times, only because he feared ( don't become a siner to arrive to hel)
And in the endhe had no haterid, no angriness, his soul, in respectful of God, it became like an apple tree with a red shiny apple in it . Now he was protected by God and all his angriness, his haterid, his wrath for his foes is finished. Blake is gurded by God now, and when a foe made him any harm, he was punished by God.
In the last stanza he trust in God law, and in his justice. And he was glad when he saw that the justice of God was happened.
A Poison Tree
Added by: Rosie
I'm analysing this for my Standard Grade exam and I'm having some difficulty getting my head around Blake's transition from the metaphorical 'apple' and 'tree' to the actual, physical death (or harming) that is foreshadowed and implied in the last stanza. Is this also metaphorical, as in, the foe died or was harmed by some other deed due to the wrath, for example, the foe eating the apple is just a metaphor for the vengeance carried out upon him? Or does the foe really eat a poisoned apple and if so, then how can the transition be made from mental 'tree' of anger growing within to an actual tree being outside? It might be exceedingly obvious...I'm just rather stuck so anything offered would be welcome.
Added by: Thomas
i am 16 and analysing this for my english class, and i think the whole poem is symbolically based on the garden of eden and he is refering to the tree in the bible (yeah im not that farmiliar with the bible) and the apple of course being the one adam and eve weren't supposed to eat and himself as the serpent. appart from the apple the fact that it was originally called christian forbearance along with the fact that blake was apparently pretty religiously obsessed led me to that conclusion. anyway even if im full of crap that should impress my teacher, and thanks for all the comments and stuff they were helpful apart from some of you sad bastards who just want to bag other people's opinions and feel clever about it.
elitist mentalities and plagiarism
Added by: Q
Unless the last writer's real name is Linda R. Ranieri from
West Chester University, he or she is a fool because he lifted her entire conclusion verbatim. As for the problem that Tristan is having, how about giving her some help instead of trashing her for not understanding? Tristan, there are several levels to this poem. The most obvious level is the surface level. Start with that. The speaker is talking about two different ways to deal with anger. With his friend, he deals with it directly. With his enemy, he does not. Dealing directly with anger often allows it to disappear; however, holding anger in causes it to grow. This is the first layer of analysis that you might want to explain to your class. Hint: Talk about the tree as a symbol and what it represents. The next layer involves trying to get at what the narrative persona is really saying about the relationship between his enemy and himself--and his anger. If you read the last line, you'll see that it is NOT a simple (deceptively from the rhyme scheme and meter) comment on how we should talk about our feelings. He's GLAD his foe is dead. That's the part that makes this poem more difficult than it initially appears. And now this...analyzing poetry is like any activity worth doing. You have to work at it.
Added by: Sunehna
How does anyone really know he was using the bible, he may have been talking through passion, insperation or experience you never know, most poets dont even research topics, it comes from pure emotion

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