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Visitors' Comments about:

A Poison Tree

William Blake

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a few thoughts
Added by: Alex
As with a lot of blake's poetry, i think there's actually more than what meets the eye. Blake's view is that anger should be expressed, not repressed, in ORDER for it to dissipate. Doing the latter will lead to evil - ie murder and loss of good moral judgement - which is a stance that is interestingly opposite to the christian value of suppression. The anger manifests itself in a physical form FROM the word 'grow' in stanza 1, and the final product is the symbolic form of the apple. Deceptively alluring (think snow white and genesis). However, there could be a deeper level of understanding still (not so cut and dried) - the speaker ends on a satisfied note; he is 'glad' and the tone implies a sort of gloating contentment. He harbours and evil in him, but a SUCCESSFUL evil. perhaps evil can prevail. It is an experience poem, not a fairytale.
Added by: Curren
I'm a thirteen year old who is analysing this poem for an english project. I've read all of the comments posted and I feel the poem is a straight forward lyric poem that reflects William Blake's childhood and his emotions that he felt in his teen's. I say this because I can sometimes strongly relate to his poem. Don't get me wrong I'd never kill someone. anyways e-mail me some of your thoughts it will greatly help me for my assinment.
Added by: Sharon Leyburn
I just thought that I would mention that this poem has just been made INTO the most beautiful song by Marcia Howard. She sings a gorgeous duet with Mary Black, an Irish folk singer. I was at the Mary Black concert a couple of weeks ago and she sung this song on her own. It is one of the most beautiful and most poignant songs I have ever heard in my whole life. If anybody is interested in this song, it is being released in the next couple of days on the c.d: A Woman's Heart - A Decade On. It can be bought FROM Amazon.com.

Added by: Sheri
The people posting on this site need to calm down!! There is no point in insulting others. After all the whole point of poetry is to study the different interpretations. They can say a lot about the reader's psyche and learning process. So enjoy the poems and chill out!!
Added by: Bill
Hello? Does anyone bother looking at the dates that some of these people last posted? Come on, Tristan asks a question, then a month later, shamus decides it's time to say something? Then there is one more post and nobody else comments for another month... I doubt Tristan even remembers they posted anything here as of now.
Added by: Josh
I don’t think that the author is presenting any moralistic arguments about the danger of allowing one’s anger to grow. On the contrary I think he is symbolically describing a satisfying incident of revenge that he experienced himself.

I think this is a poem about revenge and the power of repressed anger. I would visualise that the writer was happy about a satisfying incident of revenge when he wrote this poem, hence “In the morning glad I see”. Although he probably did not kill his foe, this is an image that symbolises the absolute revenge he unleashed on his foe.

A poison tree
Added by: Kayleigh
I agree with quite a few poeple when they say that this poem signifies what can happen when you hide your true feeling and let anger take over all of your other emotions. Blake shows how after his anger gre and grew he finally unleashes it with an "apple", the poem makes it seem like the foe ate the apple when the speaker finds him under the apple tree outstretched. It is a very well written poem and puts across a very good point, one should not let his/her anger grow to be so strong.
My view
Added by: Jessie
In my opinion William Blake's "The Poison Tree" expresses that when anger is repressed it only grows into a deep hatred for the one that the anger is aimed at, hence that hatred adventually takes control over the human mind causing the person to commit the murder.
Added by: Lukas Squires
Hey Curren, Try reading the lines and look for words that stand out to you; words that surprise you. Can you identify any words that repeat the initial sound called Aliterations like Freedom fighters; any rhymeing words like lake and fake; any Assonance: repeat vowel sound and with different consonant endings like lake and fate. Is there any repeating of words or word phrases. I hope this helps Curren. Good Luck.
God bless you,
In christ,
Lukas Taylor Squires
Added by: mike
reading the poem from a linguisticaly Jakobsonian point of view to unnearth structure really sucks ass, at first it adds another dimension of understanding but after awhile makes you contrive upon Saussure and all the rest of them with 'deceitful wiles'.

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