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Visitors' Comments about:

A Poison Tree

William Blake

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A different view
Added by: Makayla
We were discussing this poem in my english class a few weeks ago, and a thought was brought up that really made sense to me.
Perhaps the speaker is annoyed with someone who is mimicking him, or following him around because the person admires the speaker. The speaker has no real reason to be mean to this person, but he becomes frustrated and angry anyway. This anger festers and grows big. But because it is "sunned with smiles" this "fruit" of the anger and frustration looks good. Because the foe admires the speaker so much, he wants everything the speaker has. So having him steal into the garden and eat the fruit could represent the foe becoming like the speaker, insomuch that learning to hate and be angry makes him so full of hate that he becomes so consumed with himself, as hateful people are, that he forgets all about the speaker, whom he so admired. Then the speaker is just pleased to be rid of his foe.
Added by: Kimberley
I believe that william blakes poem the Poison tree is suggesting that the deadly power of anger is nursed and allowd to grow it will cause desire and desire to triump over enemies is not always good
irony and explication
Added by: Chris
I find it ironic that those who critique someone's earlier post often use the same poor grammar or spelling (i.e. "leathal" by Timothy).
The first point of poetry is what it means to you, the reader. The poet has his or her meaning, but you can also use your own imagination to add whatever you choose to the work. At this point, it's really all we can do since Blake has long since passed from this existence.
In my humble opinion, the poem delves into anger and the effects of expressing and hiding anger. From that point on, you can draw your own conclusions: is the poem sardonically reproaching humanity for its deceitful masquerades? is Blake suggesting that we should express our anger and absolve ourselves from revenge? or perhaps there is something else implicated within the lines. Whatever the case may be, I find the poem to be an interesting examination of the human psyche with an excellent choice of words. It ranks up there with Blake's "Tyger, Tyger" poem, my other favorite of his.
my opinion
Added by: Rach
This poem means so much it, has so many underlying hidden features.
Added by: emily
I think everyone who has submitted an entry on this site is shallow. The beauty of poetry is the different, powerful meanings that can come across to each individual. Stop insulting eachother and enjoy the rhythm, enjoy the flow and most importantly feel the power of words!
Added by: Allan
Emily: how ironic that you should say that.
a poison tree
Added by: Georgie and Mon
this poem is truthful but it also bores me to death! i dislike my english teach for introducing me to this form of torture!!!!
An Inner Battle
Added by: Ria
I believe that Poison Tree is about the two opposing parts of a human personality. While you can speak about problems with a friend and then have it resolved, it's a little harder to do that with problem you do not want to admit. I see the foe as the other side of an internal debate. As it is hard to argue with yourself successfully, the problem begins to weigh more heavily on your mind, a poison of the thoughts. The issue becomes so worrisome that the foe is tried to be pushed away, crushed and forgotten, perhaps 'murdering' the foe.

But then, I'm fourteen and this is my opinion of it.
Added by: Johnjohn
Using big words in your "insults" does not make you sound any more mature than you are.

If you never insulted, ignore this post.
Added by: Alex
It was originally called "Christian Forebareance" btw.

Also, I agree with the suppressed anger point of view, but i think its also a microcosm with a larger message. Since blake wasnt a big fan of the orthadox church, I think its criticizing them, showing what a good christian shouldnt do.

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