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A Poison Tree

William Blake

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A poison tree
Added by: Liane
Well i have to teach my gr 10 english class this poem. I made a quiz, but I don't know what else to fit into the lesson plan. I need 5 minutes. Should I talk about William Blake? Is his background important? Should I ask questions? I really don't know how to teach a poem lol . But most of the questions would be on the quiz. I'm really stuck. Any ideas, stupid or not. I'll take them. I also have to use the smart board and put something up on it. What should that be?
Added by: Taryn
Well, I must say I've enjoyed reading these lovely comments. I feel compelled to point out the fact that this chat session can be used as a study of human nature and how we, as humans, are forced to point out the negative in others. It's cute.
RE: William Blake
Added by: Stephen
The Metaphoric language of "A Poison Tree" dominates the embedded moral commentary with the juxtaposition of the allusion to the religious Tree of Knowledge as well as the ultimate maturation of suppressed "wrath" concluding in the ultimate demise of the alleged "foe." Another aspect of enhanced interest remains the tone of the author with expressions of relative consent and delight extracted from the actions contrasted with the original condemnation for repressed frustration.

The insults directed to fellow "poetry enthusiasts" are unnecessary. The ability to decipher obscure poetical content is a luxury acheivable through practice and determination.They deserve our support in their endeavors.
poem duhhhh!
Added by: Little Lulu
I think EVERYONE needs to get a life..haha....jks....I think ppl should focus more on the damn poem instead of criticizing pther ppl's comments...anyways Im like in love wiht this poem because everyone can relate to it. The poem was written so long ag, and yet it seems so modern. It is also very understandable and has a deep underlying meanining to it.
Added by: niall
i am a 4th year student in ireland whom i am doing a book at the moment with my class.i picked out the poem which i like (not being a big poem fan) and have enjoyed reading all ur comments except one.The man who is teaching his class made a spelling mistake in page 1 and found it hard to teach his class the poem.Who ever it is please quit give ur pupils a chance at least.
Added by: chris
I need help with analysing this peom for an english class and i dont have a clue. I was hoping someone would be able to help? i have never done poetry in my life and dont know where to start?
I admire William Blake's work
Added by: Monikah
William Blake is an exceptional poet. I admire his unique style.

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