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About Plagiarist.com

by Plagiarist.com Staff
Last Updated: 13 December 2002

Plagiarist.com is an online archive of the world's finest poetry. Besides the archive, we maintain the Plagiarist Poetry Discussion Forum, Plagiarist Poetry Resources (such as essays and lectures), and other things related to the writing and appreciation of poetry in general.

What We Are Not

We are NOT a site that will do your homework for you. The previous owners of this domain name sold term papers to cheaters (who almost certainly got caught). I'm sure the members of the forums would be happy to discuss things with you, but our goal is to provide information and an online repository of poetry to those who enjoy reading poetry, not for students looking for an easy way to finish off an assignment.


Beginning in November 2002, we began a service called the Plagiarist PoetryNotes where for a nominal fee our staff will provide detailed analysis and background information on a single poem.

Check the Homework Help section of the site for details.

A Little History

Plagiarist.com began three years ago as an online website for an upcoming poetry journal that fellow poet Richard William Pearce and I were going to publish. When we decided on a name for the magazine, I thought it would be a good idea to register Plagiarist.com in case we wanted to promote the magazine on the Internet.

The magazine never came to be (although "The Plagiarist" will begin to accept submissions in January 2003 for publication in Summer 2003 - watch the Magazine section for details), but I maintained ownership over Plagiarist.com, and there it sat, languishing in disuse on the web for nearly three years. Then, as I was updating my poetry site to take advantage of my recent knowledge of PHP and database-driven web design, I thought of registering a domain name for the "new" poetry site. The more work I put into the new design, the more I thought that it needed a domain name.

As I was making a list of possible names, it suddenly hit me that Plagiarist.com would be perfect for our needs, and so it was. We moved to the new site in August 2001 and haven't looked back.

The Former Caveat Lecteur Poetry Archive

So, with domain name in hand, we, meaning, I, began the task of moving the Caveat Lecteur Poetry Archive to the Plagiarist.com domain. At the time of this writing, the site is still not 100% complete. Even after I finally finish all of the design work, I will still have to make regular updates. Part of the reason that I began making these massive changes/upgrades to begin with was to more easily be able to add new content, and automate as much as possible. Another major reason was aesthetic, of course. The old site is over five years old, and still uses frames (shudder) for its interface.

Out with the old, in with the new...

I hope you enjoy the new site, and as always, feel free to e- mail us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, at:

or else use our snazzy feedback form.

Thanks again for visiting.

-- Jough Dempsey
    Editor-in-Chief ::: Plagiarist.com

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