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Visitors' Comments about:

Fuck Me

Maggie Estep

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Added by: natasha
listen this poem is so
terrible i mean no affence but
"fuck me" in what sense are
you using it in the way of wanting someone to seduce you or just for the fuck of it i
would like a response soon
Added by: Not stupid.
Many people don't understand this poem, so they call it stupid.

It baffles me the way people don't really understand poetry. They read it once, brand it stupid, and they don't read between the lines.

Obviously, there is a lot more to this poem than just the phrase "Fuck Me". Re-reading the poem with the phrase "Fuck Me" makes it clear that she actually has something to say.

But HEY, she proved her point. This poem is number one for most hits. She got your attention with harsh phrase. That's was the point. And she succeeded
the harsh language
Added by: Martha
If, as the second poster states, the point
of using curse words is to get our attention, then I
think that proves that this is a weak poem or a poem
desperately seeking attention.

I can think of a number of amazingly good poems
that don't need to use tricks to get people to read them.

This poem does not do much for me. I would rather read
Neruda or Gluck than this. But I guess someone likes it,
because it's here...
Added by: Emma
I thought it was great, anyhow. The poem appears to be intended as humorous. Which certainly succeeded as far as I could see. You could say that she used a "swear word" to get attention; but of course, if that was all that caught your attention, then you'd most likely missed out on the point of the piece, not to mention all the jokes. Due to the ironic nature of the humour, it would seem that by missing out on it, you added to it, in your own way, afterall. Neat huh?
Added by: Emma
Also, to Martha: It could be argued, I think, that all poems, or certainly "amazingly good" ones, always use some sort of "trick" to get people to read them. Why do you like Neruda, anyhow, if not because he "tricked" you with his words?
Added by: Martha
No, I don't think Neruda "tricks" me with his words.

As for this poem, I don't find it funny at all. I certainly do not think that I have "added" to it by not finding it funny.
relax martha!
Added by: paul mckenzie
many words make up a language and they all resonate in their own special way.

You sound as if you could do with a good ----- yourself - don't be so uptight.

I bet if neruda hit his thumb with a hammer he'd be the first to say 'Fuck Me!' - word snobbery is so passe.

Toodle pip
My 2 Cents
Added by: Jason

A comment posted on a William Carlos Willams piece led me to this poem. Interestingly, my reaction was akin to my initial response to Williams' work: "What crap! This is just some garbage relying on its novelty to gain attention. What do people see in this swill?" I obviously understood very little about poetry at the time. Years later, having actually put in the time and effort required to begin to understand modern poetry, I love Williams. I can't, however, say the same about Estep. Unless the sampling of her work presented herein is wholly misrepresentative of her work as a whole, I just can't understand her success--- Just one opinion.
to paul
Added by: martha
Guess you must be a friend of the writer.

I'd love to hear what you have to say about the poem if you have anything to say besides insults for me.
maggie fan
Added by: jbs
well the piece in question was used as a song on one of her spoken word CD's, "no more mister nice girl." I do not know if the sone came before the poem or vice versa. Keep in mind that Maggie is a performance poet (anyone here with road dirt in that area?) and a novelist. Maggie doesn't sugar coat. The words are there to be used. howeverthepoetseesfit.
Check her resume sometime. She has paid her dues and the poem that has everyone a'quiver was written many many years ago. Pick up "dairy of an emotional idiot." I feel it might give anyone interested in Maggie's work a better undertsanding of where she is coming from as a writer. Thanks for your time.

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