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Visitors' Comments about:

Fuck Me

Maggie Estep

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Added by: paul
I did respond to your posting when it came up but somehow it got lost.

This poem was the first experience I had with the poet's work so can't say I have any undue bias towards her personally but...

I think her forthright use of the term that causes you so much grief kind of renders it, the term, somewhat benign anyway and...

On the other hand it communicates a great deal. You fixate on the 'dirty' word and not the sentiment of the poem.

Apologies for the speculation concerning your love life!


Added by: AndieRosebud
I have to agree with the person who was a Maggie Estep fan. The poetry was intended for oratorical review, not for print, but it's necessary also sometimes to open your mind to new concepts. All great authors that are worth listening to or reading, I believe, shock you with some phrase, description, or word. This poem just happens to inhibit this theory with the phrase "Fuck me" and though it may offend some, I learned to love poetry for its offense though I didn't at first. Now I experiment in my own writing to "shock" the reader or listener with tools (not tricks) such as this. I don't believe it devalues my poetry if used properly, but adds to the authenticity of it. After all, how many people in the real world don't use the word "fuck" once in awhile?
Added by: Andrew Mayers
The head is bald anyway, but still they fight over a toothless comb.
Added by: Aurora
Frankly, I don't think this woman is very talented.
sweet irony
Added by: paul mckenzie

There are more poets in this world than there are laces on our shoes yet you read this poem and were moved yo comment on it - that in itself is a feat.

Talent is as talent does.
Added by: Aurora
Relax Paul... I adore Maggie. She rocks! That was just me being jealous of her -- don't you get anything?
Added by: paul mckenzie
My apologies, Aurora. Your irony was far too subtle.
Added by: Aurora
What size shoe do you wear, Paul?
Does size count?
Added by: paul
Once again your subtle approach to discussing poetry is lost on me, Aurora. I must avoid the use of metaphor in future.

And, for the record, I choose not to wear shoes - I'd rather spend the money on poetry books and cat food (everthing tastes good with chilli and garlic).

Etc. Etc.

Added by: Aurora
Tiny or large -- it matters not if you're in love. I ask about the shoe size simply because I'm a cobbler and might have made you a pair, but you took so long to anwer that I've used all the leather I had up for the moment.

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