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Fuck Me

Maggie Estep

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Defender of Art
Added by: Charles
The title of this poem has gotten commercialized crap written allover it, what I like to call society packaged, "let's draw the people in", assillimated art. Yes, the title draws us in, but only because we think we are going to read some taboo piece of junk that will get us all horned up by it's rebellious words. That I will admit. However, we aren't drawn into it because this is art in it's highest form, but lowest. It's not giving us a deep insight into the world, or conveying a simple idea through simple metaphorical language that elevates the readers' own experiences. No, this poem tries to hard. Its what I like to call shock treatment, meaning shock the audience into liking it. When Neruda or Williams got you liking a poem through artistical devices, they were the kind of devices born from the genius' hand. It was the kind of device that only those whose eyes could penetrate into the deepest layers of this fantastic world could utilize to draw us in. A true artist looks into life from a window, and his or her poetry should reflect what is seen through that window, not a diary type, egotistical, graphic raving. But hey, unfortunately people are into that nowadays, because they don't want to have to think any deeper than the quick fix of sexual rebellion in art. This poem finds popularity because it's effectiveness lies in the fact that most of our society has been devalued by many different social forces, and most buy into this stuff. I don't mind those who write about their wild, sexy encounters in life, or narcissistic ideations about themselves, but don't be raunchy about it. Elizabeth Bishop used to write about love and sex, but she is artistic, where not saying something is more powerful than ranting about it like a phone sex advertisement. Things are more seductive when they're appeal is not easy to get at. For instance, I am much more attracted to a woman whose noticeably beautiful curves are covered over by a nice outfit rather than some girl in daisy dukes and a bra...the tease of seeing what is under those clothes is more exciting than just being shown in graphic detail right before any prior association is made between myself and the subject. So again: Raunchiness is not art, it's trash, and its appeal is reflected in teh commercialized crap that has invaded our present forms of art.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force rescue poetry.
Added by: Booba the Scooba
The most boring poem ever ejaculated into our collective memory...Please fuck me so I can forget your complete artistic failure, please.
Conservative Cultural Censorship
Added by: palu eckmenzi
And there's me thinking poetry was all about the expression of ideas and feelings... Gallant as your posting is charles you kind of lost it when you started telling us about how you like your women served. No disrespect and all that.

Who's art are you defending anyway?

Oh and Aurora - let me know when you get some more leather in!
Everyone's a critic.
Added by: Kitty
I like it. She's not afraid to use words and she doesn't tiptoe around touchy subjects. What's wrong with "fuck"? It exists. That means we can use it, right? And when did we come up with such a narrowminded definition of art? I thought art could be any type of expression. Oh silly me.

Anyway, I like Maggie. I think of her as someone making a political statement, someone who says things because they are taboo. Why should they be taboo? What are people so afraid of?

Generally, to me, the poem says stop beating around the bush and just get to the point. Stop intellectualizing everything and just do it. Do what? I don't know. Who cares! What's the point of thinking so much anyway?

People take life too seriously. It's all an experience, so just let the poem be. You can like it or hate it, but disrespecting it is a little harsh. It's not written for you anyway.
O truest D'dart
Added by: Booba the Scooba
Well, as long as the value of art is defined soley by opposition to convention and majority morality, here's an Estepian Ode: Fuck

Fuck me, fuck my daughter, or my mother, watch me fuck my daughter and mother together, with donkeys watching, and midgets filming, while being fucked by donkeys...vaguely political, metaphysical, meditative section where author musely a little on morality and language, oh ho hum...fuck with rocks on rocks with sheep on top of monkeys fucking elephants rimming children who are eating babies together while fucking me and my daughter and mother, with Maggie watching. Voila
Added by: Don
Here's a little tip...If you really want attention, all you have to say is "I'm not ready to hitch up my petticoats yet but I am undoing my camisole..."
To call this a poem
Added by: J.
...is to give it too much credit. There is nothing remotely artistic about this piece of tripe. I cannot even call it verse. It and the other pieces of Estep drivel belong to TeenAngstPoetry.com. I dare say some of the works there can even blow "Fuck Me" out of the water.
Added by: justin p.
I read a poem by John Donne about fucking recently. It was about students in a classroom. Though most people find this offensive, or find the poetic language "weak", I would like to say one thing.

The word "FUCK" is not only a curse, word, is not only ostensible, but is in CAPS LOCK. Additionally, you will find that the end of the poem makes an abrupt turn, and capitalizes ME instead of FUCK. As always when I comment on here, so that I will not recieve rough abuse from people who think i'm wrong, or think i'm being audacious, or think i'm being opinonated and audacious, self-righteous, and even sometimes, gay in the derogatory sense, this is my opinion:

the word "fuck" is so obviously used here to catch your attention. The whole sex scene is written first person. And from the diction, you would assume that this person is especially dissapted, given to desire. No, she doesn't want to talk, she wants to fuck, she doesn't want to make love, or babies, she wants to FUCK.

at the end of the poem the word "ME" is in caps lock. and so this poem, though I started off on it thinking it was weak, does what any poem should simply do. This poem brings you to a state of mind, exsensuates all of your stereotypes, and then snaps you out of them and pushes your head into a cold bucket of water. The key to this poem appears to be the word "me", and the fact that you have ignored the speaker and her intentions/desires/feelings/rights the entire poem.

Unfortunately, if you are stuck on FUCKING, then I think that the author is very clever, because I think she knew you would be. Not to say that I wasn't, but I think I got the point.

I have read much more cliche poetry than this, which was interesting and not so cliche to me, and the fact it is commented on so much is tremendous. Even if you think it is weak, or dull or rote, you probably read it because the title was "fuck me". I know I did, and I sometimes pretend that I am less vulgar, more self-righteous, more entitled to my opinion then anyone, and if it is also the author's intent that I be self-aware of my own vanity and self-profundity, then well, I am twice a fool.

and for those reasons I find this poem is very good, not my favorite, but worth the read and worth the posting. thanks. I'm sorry if i sound condescending, I do not mean to be. If you found this poem vulgar I recommend "The ballad of the lonely masturbator" by anne sexton. which has a lot of comments too.
Maggie Estep has my vote.
Added by: angeldust18
I dont see what the big deal is! Maggie obviously has her fans so she is doing SOMETHING right. As for you critics instead of degrading her work, perhaps you can just give a quick overview of why you didn't enjoy her poem. If you feel so offensive against her language then why be so negative yourself? You would think that you would take this as an opportunity to have the upper hand in this situation and give her positive criticism and not stoop the the level you "believe" she has in her writing.
I like Neruda, and I like Maggie
Added by: bren
I smiled at this poem, at the repetition of the phrase, at the mundane thoughts that came before and after, and the way the phrase can be used. I love Neruda as well, and though Maggie and Neruda perhaps cannot be "compared" properly...in an intellectual sort of manner...I find that reading through a poem, finding it's rhythm and force is very satisfying indeed. This was a delicious sort of satisfaction...as I've felt the same way at times.


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