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Visitors' Comments about:

Fuck Me

Maggie Estep

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Female ego
Added by: Adam
I can't help but think that this poem is about girls with big egos. And by looking at the egocentric postings by the female ''morally correct'' type, i can see the big grin on Maggie's face. I think this is a clever poem because it provokes negative feelings (almost defensive feelings) in those that the poem rails against, just read through these postings...
Added by: Tiffany
Poetry is never an excuse. It is not some lame option of something to do. So you feel like saying "Fuck Me" write in a journal over and over, don't insult poetry and the words that create life in poetry just to make yourself feel better. That is not what poetry is about. Poetry is not an excuse.
Added by: Angela
I feel in love with this poem the first time I read it. The harsh language grabs your attention, and the underlined meanings keep it.

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