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I, Too, Sing America

Langston Hughes

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Added by: coco
i want you to analyze this poem for me. Thanks
Added by: Jough (Editor)
Oh, okay coco, I'll get right on that... ;)
I love this poem!!!!!
Added by: Erica Willis

I really enjoy reading this poem becasue it expresses that black people are also apart of American culture and that they claim America just as the next person would.
Added by: Claire Gooder
Black American's finding their own voice and standing up to say that they too are America and part of America's identity - simple yet effective. A brilliant piece of poetry!
Added by: EricP
This poem is one of the best of Langston Hughes' works I have ever read. He shows a strong black man waiting for his turn to share the table.
(symbolizing sharing the world)
Added by: Kari
I'm not asking for someone to analysis this poem for me I just was wondering if somebody saw it the same way I do. This goes way back to segration and to me he is talking about just eating with the white folks because back in his day the african americans weren't allowed to eat with the white folks. But he is saying just because my skin is black, I am still beautiful, and also a part of this country. So if someone saw it the same way or even a different way, please let me know.
Added by: jojo the monkey
yeah, i like this poem, and coco, i think you're on something....
Added by: Rebecca Bowen
I love the poem. I have to do a poetry project for school and we have to do an independent study on a poem that we really like. And this really helped me out alot. Thanx.
i too sing america
Added by: Lisa
when i read this poem i got that he was talking about segreation in the 50's. Seperate eating places for whites and blacks. I believe that he was saying that there's something for him here in the world even though he hasn't found it yet and he's not yet able to go where he wants to
I, Too, Sing America
Added by: maybe
Are you sure this is not a Irish or Polish coal miner? They would be black after being in the mine and then after taking a bath the wife would lat them eat in the dining room.

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