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I, Too, Sing America

Langston Hughes

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I too
Added by: jan
He sees himself as part of the "American Family" who gets sent to the kitchen. But, he laughs becuase it's ironic that he is eating the same food as the company and is benefiting from it the same way they. He is just not in the same room. This refers the segeration and the poem physically shows this spliting between stanza 2 and 3 to show this segration. Someday, this will not happen and they will see the beauty and what the black man has to offer. For, black men too are "American.
Added by: Tanisha
hey. i really reading this wonderful poem.As a Langston fan this is one of his greatess works. This poem deplays how far as a black nation we have come. But we still have along way to go!!!
i too
Added by: LYNN
I think that he is a servant and he feels sad being told he couldnt eat with the whites, however he keeps his head up and being cynical will come eat at the table and he dares for someone to saysomething. Because he is American too.
Added by: Crystal
This poem is one of the greatest poems in the world. Mr.Hughes is the best and his poems are very moving. White people just don't understand how hard it is to be black. Oh well...they are just jelouse because they are pale all year long and us black people are nice and dark.
I, too, sing America
Added by: S R NAIR
Hughes is depicting the desire of the Afro-american to be absorbed into the mainstream of American society and be treated with dignity like his "fairer" brothers.

The poem is a fond hope that it will happen soon and he will be recognized as "beautiful" by his peers.

The poet's deep desire that this transformation takes place is a poignant plea that distinctions on the basis of color be not made in America. Everyone should sing America freely; for America is a melting pot of cultures, colors and God's best country.

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