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I, Too, Sing America

Langston Hughes

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Added by: krystle
I have just read this poem and I have to say he had captured the the essence of life then and his claim to equality is eloquently expressed through his poem and he was right. now we do sing america and I believe he was definately a great visionary.
Added by: ShanniC
I believe this poem is about expressing the beauty that African Americans have. Our skin, which has long been a sense of shame and self depreciation by our opressors, is categorized as beauiful. This is my favorite poem by Langston Hughes because it expresses how important it is to not be ashamed of who we are. It means that as a black person, he represents the everyman.
Eating at the table...
Added by: jolie_moon
I don't think the poem has to be about african americans. There are lots of darker brothers and sisters. He can eat at my table anytime. And I would use my best china... whenever I get around to buying some.
I, Too, Sing America
Added by: ELP
This is a wonderful poem. It speaks of a struggle that continues. The struggle to find a place in this oppressed world. The brother have even felt the sting of internal oppression by his own (darker brother). The great thing about this poem is that it's leaves you with hope. Yes, I'm the darker brother!
Why poet made the change?
Added by: Candi
I sorta understood this poem but the only question that bobbles me is why Langston Hughes made the change of the first and last lines of the poem??? Can anyoen help
Construction of race/ethnicity
Added by: Rory
I think this is a wonderfully elegant poem - the more effective for its careful simplicity - the poet wants to celebrate the notion of "America" - land of the free etc. - but has to fight to assert his last stetement that he too is part of that ideal. However, the sentiment of the poem makes me nervous - in his rightful desire to speak out against ethnic/racial division and prejudice, to claim his place in America, he constructs another type of division - national - where being "American" might be seen as better than being non American. In other words the poem uses the language of nationalism - a celebration of nationhood - to makes his valid point about racism - and I am afraid that whenever I see a national flag waving I start to see the Nuremburg Rally....
Added by: Alexia
can someone tell me the link to another poem that Langston Hughes is writing a response to?? Thanks
In Resonse to Nationalism
Added by: Sara
I don't kno what you're talking about how this poem is a form of nationalism compared with that of Hitler's Nazis. He never mentions any other nationalities, he just speaks of his own. Yes, he is proud to be an American but he does not speak of Americans being better than any other race. However, i do respect your opinon and trying to get a different view on this poem.
I, Too
Added by: Chavon
I think this poem is trying to describe the plight of the African American in the early half of the century. During this time period, African Americans were treated as second class citizens, but they would soon shine and become the besutiful intelligent children of God we were meant to be.
Added by: Brett
This poem is not about the fifties, it was written a long time before that. I feel that this poem is about coming to realize that Whites looked down upon Hughes for his race. They hide him (and thus his feelings as well as the issue) in the back. But there he grows stronger. And when (the second time) company comes he will be strong to his convictions and influence change. And the people will be ashamed for not seeing him as an equal sooner.

Dont be fooled by the supercificial, Langston wrote this poem to be deep.

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