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I, Too, Sing America

Langston Hughes

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Added by: pat
Seems to me this poem is a response to Whitman's "I Hear America Singing" Same theme-Hughes is letting us know that blacks are also part of the American "song"
I, Too, Sing America
Added by: B.B. Lewis
I seem to see "I, Too" somewhat differently from the comments so far. I agree in general; however, I think he is injecting a little humor when he says "they'll see how beautiful I am, and be ashamed." He anticipates no change when positions are reversed and company comes, because, "I, Too, Am America."
Comments on "I, Too"
Added by: Dennis j
Perhaps several of you have realized what Hughes was trying to say. Rising out of the era of full segeration and into a time of shifting views, the poem speaks of his ability to sit at the same table as others, regardless of race, and location because he is the same American as others.
Langston Hughes, I, Too
Added by: AD
Yeah I agree with ya'll this poem says he is in america too and he is able to sit at the same table and be part of american identity just like the whites.
Added by: carolyn
I like this poem because it expresses not only how he feels but pretty much how everyone was feeling about segragation at that time!! It explains that one day maybe people will be ashamed that they didnt see americans in general the same instead of a white american and a black american!!
Added by: Jon
This poem, being a direct response to Walt Whitman's I hear America singing, is basically a poem saying, that we too are a part of the American dream. That we also have a part in the realization of the American dream.
Added by: Savannah King
Hey Maybe....
I doubt that this poem is about polish people because if you haven't noticed...Langston Hughes is an African American and he directs the poem to himself and his people. DUH!!!
I, too sing America
Added by: heather
this poem is very meaningful, because living in America, everyone are Americans. Therefore, people in this America are all equal with one another, no one is an upper class than anyone, unless you have pride and thinking that you are.
Reference to earlier poet
Added by: Andrew
Great Poem by Hughes. Wasn't this poem refering back to a powm written by a previous author who wrote about his pride as an American
Added by: Christopher
I think that this poem is a response to Walt Whitman's poem, "I Sing of America". They are cunningly related.

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