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1(a... (a leaf falls on loneliness)

e.e. cummings

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simply amazing
Added by: i.
isn't it amazing? the poem is so short, yet once you try to look closely and analyze the symbols,numbers and letters that were used, you will realize how deep and meaningful the "poem" could be, In fact, this is a lot better compared to some of the longest poems i've read! indeed it is a Master-"piece"!!! =)
This is a great poem to get high and read
Added by: Trevor
When I toke up, and read E. E. I swear I feel at one with the world. It feels like I am in the forest alone with the leaves all around. Even if there are leaves everywhere, I am still only one leave alone in the forest.
Added by: bob
I think its good, except i think e.e. cummings... cuks (please unscrabble)
i think this because he dosen't make sense and any drunk person could put something like this together.
double meaning
Added by: Tin
as i read the my first impression is, it is senseless because it only contain few letters horizontally, it read as l(a leaf falls) oneliness, still it seemed senseless. i have toponder deper. I imagined autumn, where leaves are falling, turning orange and brow. The loneliest season, feeling of melancholy is in the air.

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