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1(a... (a leaf falls on loneliness)

e.e. cummings

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the greatest simple yet complicated poem ever
Added by: Blake
Though this poem seems to make no sense and it’s external is plain and seemingly pointless. It is very complicated and in depth. This poem explains life and the loneliness of growing old. Many branches grow from a tree trunk and then leaves grow on the branches. The tree represents Earth, the branches represent countries or continents, and each leaf represents a person. The leaf is born in spring. It grows with many others. Through summer some leaves may fall. When fall approaches more begin to fall. When all but one leaf has fallen it may hold for a while, but it is old and lonely. Finally it will just give up and fall to the ground. From the time it lets go until it hits ground is when it is loneliest. When it hits all the sorrow and loneliness is lifted. In spring a new leaf will grow and go through the same process of life, sorrow, and loneliness. It is an everlasting process that happens every year though we pay no attention this is like life. People are born and grow up together. Some will die or drift away. As you grow old you’ll lose loved ones. You are nothing but a lonely leaf trying to hang on to life. You can’t take the sorrow and loneliness so you to give up. Dying is the loneliest part of life, because no one can help you, no will help. Your just a leaf from another branch no one to mourn you or save you. You finally hit the ground (die). From your soul a new person is born. Born to live the same sorrow and loneliness. This constant cycle makes you realize how simple life is. It will always be the same and can’t be changed to fit you. You must change and fit the life you were given.
Masterpiece vs. piece
Added by: Brian
Okay, anyone could have written something so simple and stupid as this poem. you must admit it is the author that brings this poem greatness or it would never be read. There are thousands of poems about loneliness and this i must say, is the worst.
I love E.E. Cummings, I'm doing a huge project on him and his excellence, so I'm not just "dissing" him for this poem. The Red Wheelbarrow is a small poem that you can read a good amount into, but not this. If you think you can't write better poetry than this, stop writing.
Added by: r gannascoli
Comment to Kim. I like "brang" better.
Leaf falling
Added by: r gannascoli
Sometimes a leaf falling doesn't fall straight down. There is a small updraft that returns it up momentarily. -or part of it-.

Like a mood swing.... from depression. Only to return.

In lone the one returns up briefly like that of a partial updraft in a leaf's descent. The returns faster to the ground after re-entering a vacuum


Added by: enseigebell
i don't think e.e. cummings cared whether his work was genius or not. it simply was, as are many things, and depth can be read into anything, whether the author deliberately included it or not.

I like the way that the top of the poem is the word "fall" backwards (reading just the left vertical portion)

- - of course, autumn and fall as synonymous are implicit - -

also the end of the poem (reading just the left vertical portion) is the word "soli" from which we get the word "solitude"
Added by: Orpheo
It even has a swirl the leaf tracen in midair!!! :O!!! *applause*
Comment to Blake
Added by: Orpheo
I think that's over-analysing. Are you sure the author beleived in reincarnation of the soul? Or that he was talking about the humanity and not solely about his own life?
this is
Added by: Brendan Kozlowski
This is, first off, one of the most amazing poems I have ever read. It is singular in the way that no poem can compare to it in form or the theme. However, aren't we all just over analyzing it. Maybe it's just a poem that's beautiful to look out with a simple theme. Just my thoughts. e.e. cummings is still the best poet I have heard of. Lata.
Added by: Taylor
Many poems have been written about loneliness, but I believe that this is the best. Instead of complaining of lost love or death, Cummings simply writes the words. I find the poems that spell out the meaning of loneliness to be overdone. Everyone writes the same things over and over again. However, to be truly lonely, there are no words. Cummings uses these letters, broken words, to depict being a broken person. A falling leaf is dead, but at least it is not lonely anymore.
Added by: Loryn Bakken
This poem is so awsomw. I read it in my english class and it really made me think. I love things like that, e.e. cummings is a very unipue writer. I'm glad that my english teacher made us do a research paper because if she didn't I probobly wouln't have even heard of him, I love his work.

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