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1(a... (a leaf falls on loneliness)

e.e. cummings

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Added by: cummings fan
cummings referred to this poem as "a leaf falls on loneliness" in one of his published letters.

Secondly, the first character of the poem should be the number 1, not the letter l.
Pointing out the Illiterate
Added by: Kim

NOTICE: Comment by Christian Sequiche which stated that E.E. Cummings inspired and helped him/her on their writing. (skills)

" He brang to feel the way he felt"

Added by: cummings fan 2
i like the poem no matter what.. i don't need to understand it's meter or rhythm or structure just to justify it's beauty and worth because it is a great poem... it just is
Added by: Joe Somebody
Is a poem a absolute masterpiece beacuse of who wrote it or because of what it says? What does

1(a... (a leaf falls on loneliness) say to me? Nothing really. Personal i believe that E.E Cummings work is great but i could produce something like this half asleep. Just playing devils advocate.
Added by: Some Kid
Joe Somebody, there is a lot more to this poem than you think. There is so much interplay between the words such that one could grasp so much meaning FROM this little poem. My favorite part is the last phrase "iness". What this means to me is "the state of being I" or the state of being only, or self-absorbed, or singular. I never imagined that the word loneliness could be broken INTO so many fragments that could define the word better than any other dictionary. I love this poem. Joe, you must be missing something if you think this poem is merely a masterpiece because of its author.
does a leaf fall in a straight line?
Added by: mark meberg
i seem to remember seeing this poem published a long time ago, but not in a straight line.










more like that or something to that effect, where the back and forth of an actual leaf falling is evoked. No leaf falls straight down, and I am wondering if my memory is playing tricks on me or is this straight fall representation actually incorrect?

falling leaves
Added by: mark
I see that even though in my previous comment when I did move the lines back and forth so visually the poem evoked a falling leaf, when it was printed it came out in a straight line. Perhaps some edition of his complete works had the same problem in the layout and eveyone since has feed from that volume. Oh well.
this is the first time I've read this poem...
Added by: shroom




am i reading this correctly?... anyway,
here are my thoughts.

I think using 1 instead of the
letter I suggests how lonely it is being on top, (as in being on the top of your game...being famous, being successful, being one of the greatest poets ever?) & also
at the end of the poem it reads:

"one liness" not loneliness as the title says. I think this could also be a pun for wanly- (weariness, unhappiness, melancholy) but that's just me. :)

Added by: Brett
in the comment about the leaf falling in a staright line, that is false, the ( and ) are used in the movement of the leaf, and the


part its goes, on loneliness because when the leaf falls it usually flips, therefore the lis really on top and it is just showing the flipping of the leaf.

this poem is about ee cummings isolation and depression
Added by: Ashley
Loneliness is somewhat like a falling leaf, death. I think of autumn, the death of a year, when I read this beautiful and delicate poem. Autumn of a mans life, lonely. I think in imagery the poem is very lovely too, it's almost as if the parenthesis show the twisting movement of a leaf as it descends one way, then another.
I find it very interesting that in the original printing l(a appeared beside a blank page...
while all the other poems appeared side by side except for the last poem. I LOVE THIS POEM!

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