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Visitors' Comments about:

1(a... (a leaf falls on loneliness)

e.e. cummings

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read more carefully. . .
Added by: Cait
There isn't an "on." It's "loneliness," written around the parenthetical phrase "a leaf falls." The "one" of line 7 highlights the theme of loneliness.
a leaf falls
Added by: Bill
To properly depict this wondeful poem one should take care to use the proper font. Like most old typewriters, E.E.C. used one whose key for the lower case L was the same as the numeral 1. He used this to show singularity.
Added by: volkan
this is a masterpiece.
Added by: Danielle
shouldn't it be, (a leaf falls IN lonliness)? wonderful poem.
l(a A leaf falls on loneliness
Added by: Christian Sequichie
e. e. cummings gave me very insightful hope and understanding by writing this poem. He brang me to feel the way he felt. He is a very honorable and wonderful poet who has helped me with my writing.
correct text
Added by: Josh L




Quite simple...the words are broken up as to show singularity, and also follows the pattern of a falling leaf.

The title of the poem is technically l(a
...and the poem was placed as the first poem. An absolute masterpiece.
Added by: Bila Dose
What are five ways in which e.e. cummings uses formal elements in his poem l(a to communicate a feeling of loneliness to his readers (rather than simply showing you the word and metaphor)?
Added by: Joel Emery
This may seem trivial but... It is essential to the poem that the word "one" remains integral because it reinforces the idea of isolation. So, the title should be given as "l(a leaf falls)one"...Just a minor point, but the leaf is not falling "on" anything. The best poetry site on the web.
The first time
Added by: Steve
The first time that I read this poem I obviously had to relook it several times. And once I truley understood it, I e.e. cummings was one of my favorite artists, not because of the terrific content and style of his poems (which I do appreciate) but rather, he showed me what could be done with words and that a message can be conveyed in many was, some more obscure than others. ;)
Added by: Christopher Ahrens
When I first saw this text, I was rather irked at the superfluous "translation" that someone felt necessary to add to the title... I'm glad others commented on that as well. I don't think the poet needs annotation. The mastery of cummings is that he uses every level available... FROM the outermost, the overt image of the falling leaf itself... to the innermost, the very typeface of a single letter... to present a unified theme of solitariness. Nothing doesn't serve him. 22 characters, and we can be lost in it for hours.

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