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Sonnets from the Portuguese - Plus Much Much More!
12 Aug 2002 3:12 AM
Another mega-update this week, including all 44 of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnets from the Portuguese.

We're in the process of adding more Emily Dickinson poetry. In the coming weeks we'll be adding more of her work until we've archived all 1,775 poems! Yes, it's a lot of work.

We've also recently acquired a mid-size collection (~1,000 poems, about 25% of which we already have in the archive) from a poetry site, "The Poet's Corner" (probably one of many sites on the web that goes by that name) whose webmaster decided he'd had enough and thought we might put the poems to good use. So thanks to Jerry, we'll be editing and adding those poems, all of which are public domain and range from Chaucer to Robert Browning to other authors that have probably not been published on the Internet before. Check them out.

We'll still be accepting essays, articles, and reader responses regarding Frank O'Hara throughout the month of August. Check this link for info on our "Call for Papers."

Try to keep cool,

-- Jough, ed.

Plagiarist.com Moving Servers
25 Jul 2002 6:40 PM
If you're reading this, then you're reading Plagiarist.com at our new home.

We apologise for any delays or outages, but it was important to us to keep all of the database entries (visitor's comments, forum posts, etc.) in a single database, and we didn't want to lose anything - so we just sent all of our traffic to the new server.

Our new host, GetMeHosted.com is fully sponsoring the server-side of Plagiarist.com.

Our service so far has been outstanding. We've had a lot of trouble with web hosts not performing (or going out of business!) in the past, so we're pleased to be with a company as rock-solid as GMH. Check out their very reasonable rates if you're looking for a new web host.

That's all for now. Expect an update as usual, this Sunday.


-- Jough Dempsey, Editor.
New Article in "The Art of Writing Poetry" Series
30 Jun 2002 11:10 PM
There's a new article (finally) in "The Art of Writing Poetry" series. This time around we look at some quick tips about avoiding cliché, working on line endings, rhymes, and avoiding melodrama like the plague.

We've also added over 500 new poems this week. Thanks for all of your submissions.

Also, we're still accepting articles and essays for our feature on Frank O'Hara. Check out the Frank O'Hara Feature page for more details.
Feature on James A. Emanuel
16 Jun 2002 11:44 PM

James A. Emanuel

James A. Emanuel

Plagiarist.com is pleased to present our first in a series of feature articles on a particular poet, poem, period, or genre. We'll be focusing not only on the poets you know and love, but also those we feel are wrongly overlooked.

The current feature is a Plagiarist.com exclusive, focusing on James A. Emanuel. There's an introduction by Jean Migrenne, Emanuel's French translator (he translates Emanuel's poetry into French) as well as twenty-two poems selected by the author himself, all featuring French translations by Jean Migrenne.

Also added this week are the contents of Carl Sandburg's Chicago Poems. Check them out.

You may have also noticed a button asking for donations. We regret having to turn to our visitors for site funding, but at this time it's either that or we start having pop-up ads. I'm sure you've seen those annoying little windows that pop up on other sites. Anyway, running the site isn't cheap, and we can use all of the help we can get.

Lots of news this week. We're also now accepting submissions for essays and articles about Frank O'Hara. We're looking for essays focusing on a single poem, or a few poems. O'Hara is the subject of our second feature. So send your proposals and essays to publish@plagiarist.com.

That's it for this week. Our monthly newsletter goes out Wednesday, so SIGN UP if you haven't done so already to receive info regarding site updates and such.

I hope everyone has a Happy Summer Solstice.

-- Jough, Ed.
Seven New Articles
9 Jun 2002 11:29 PM
It's been a busy week for articles here.

First up is an excellent look at free verse and the post-post-modern line (or lack thereof) with the renouned Marjorie Perloff's "After Free Verse: The New Non-Linear Poetries".

Next up is another rail against National Poetry Month (do any poets actually support NPM?) by the man who makes the New Formalists run and hide, Charles Bernstein. You can read his thoroughly entertaining (yet informative) piece "Against National Poetry Month As Such."

Next up is a Plagiarist.com exclusive. Jean Migrenne wrote an introduction for our new feature on James A. Emanuel, and we've posted it as a "sneak peak." Check out the full feature next Sunday, but for now, you can read the poems (selected by the author himself) in the archive.

Also added (whew!) are four articles in our new "Canonical Essays" section - these are all required reading for any poetry lover.

We've updated all of your submissions too, so keep 'em coming. We'll be adding new articles and essays this week too, and it's not too late to submit yours for consideration. Just e-mail: publish@plagiarist.com.