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The Art of Writing Poetry returns with a NEW ARTICLE!
3 Apr 2003 4:13 PM
Hey kids,

A Thursday update this week to accommodate some great new content.

It's April, which in the U.S. of A. is National Poetry Month.

In celebration, we've added over 800 (!) new poems this week.

We now have the collected works of Emily Dickinson online. Special thanks to Peter Carter for his hard work in editing these poems for the archive. We know that there are thirteen doubles among the last 700 poems, which is our fault, not Mr. Carter's, and we will be fixing this in our usual Sunday update this weekend.

New Article: The Art of Writing Poetry #6
It's been a long time coming, but we've finally posted the next part in our series on "The Art of Writing Poetry" by Plagiarist's own Jough Dempsey. This installment, titled "Voices in My Head," is the fourth of a six-part mini-series dealing with intermediate-level instruction for those interested in learning how to write poetry like the pros do.

We hope everyone will read the article and comment on it using the "Talkback" form at the bottom of the page. Your feedback will help to shape the future of the series, as well as contribute to future revisions of this and the other articles on Plagiarist.com.

The Plagiarist: A Journal of Poetry & the Arts
We've received over 400 submissions to our Journal in the past month. No one has received an acceptance or rejection yet, but we will be sending out the first salvo of rejection e-mails this weekend. Please, no hate mail.

If you don't receive a rejection e-mail this week and have submitted poems for consideration, that could mean one of two things:
  1. Your poem is being "held-over" until the next round (which means that it has a possibility of being published), or

  2. You submitted your poem using the wrong form or via e-mail and your poem has been deleted unread and your e-mail address added to our "black list."
No need to resubmit the same poems - HOWEVER - even if you receive a rejection letter from us, please do not think that we don't like you or don't like your poetry at all. You may always re-submit new work during our next acceptance period for the December issue.

We also regret that we cannot send a personal note to everyone. We hope that you will not find our form letter offensive. We've only made space for 10-15 poems, and already we've received over 400 and are still accepting submissions for another two months for this issue.

Fifteen poems out of over a thousand submissions doesn't leave poets a very good chance of being published in the magazine. But don't let that discourage you from submitting. After all, someone's poem will be published. It could easily be yours.

Plagiarist PoetryNotes™
New titles have been added to the PoetryNotes catalog, and we've brought on three new writers to produce more great poetry analyses and notes for your studies.

Submissions to the Archive
All submitted poems that we can use have now added to the archive, with the exception of a few contemporary poets' work from whom we're still waiting for a response for permission to post their work.

Props and Shout-Outs
Extreme roof-raising applause for Plagiarist.com reader Mark Meberg who has submitted dozens of corrections and edits for poems this week. While we're embarrassed that Mark found so many errors in our texts, we're extremely grateful for his help and hard work in tracking down the correct versions of the poems. We're still busy making the changes to the typos and inaccuracies, but wanted to give Mark the credit he deserves (if nothing else) right away.

Thanks again to Peter Carter for his editing work.

Thank you also for those who've donated funding to our cause. It is only through our visitor's donations and PoetryNotes orders that we're able to keep this ever-increasingly-expensive-to-run web site afloat.

More on Sunday. Enjoy this mid-week update.

-- Jough Dempsey
Daddy, Poems, Submissions, and Help Wanted
2 Mar 2003 11:28 PM
Happy March, everyone. This week's update is brief - a few new poems, six new PoetryNotes™ eBooks in the catalog, and some more news below regarding our upcoming magazine, and reminders about our submission guidelines.

The Plagiarist: A Journal of Poetry & the Arts
So far we've received many submissions to the upcoming magazine, The Plagiarist, due out in August. We do want to stress that those interested in submitting please read the submission guidelines, as we're simply deleting the submissions of those who do not.

Also, make sure you don't mix-up submissions between our standard poetry submission form for the archive and the submission form to submit your own work to the magazine. A few unfortunate poets submitted to the wrong form this week, and their work was deleted unread. Once you see the "Volume the work was originally published" box on the form, that should be a clue that you're using the wrong submission form, as we require that submissions be previously unpublished.

Finally, to answer two questions some have asked:
  1. Authors retain copyright of their work when they submit, and
  2. You do not have to submit your bio or publication credits with each submission, just make sure you add that info with one of your submissions.
Plagiarist PoetryNotes™
Several more PoetryNotes eBooks have been added to the catalog of PoetryNotes eBooks available for immediate download.

This week's highlight is a PoetryNotes analysis of Sylvia Plath's "Daddy" by Samuel Biagetti.

Also, if you need a custom PoetryNotes™ written about a poet who already appears in the catalog (but the poem you need doesn't), those notes can usually be ready in only 4-5 days instead of the usual 6-7.

Also, just to warn everyone, rates for PoetryNotes™ (both catalog items and custom orders) are going up next Sunday - so if you will need PoetryNotes™ soon to help you with your assignments, it may behoove you to place your order before Sunday. You have been warned.

Submissions to the Archive
For the second week in a row, we've kept up with submissions. All are now added to the archive. Keep 'em coming!

Now Hiring
Well, not exactly.

However, we are once again soliciting those who want to get paid to write about poetry to send us a writing sample and apply to be a Plagiarist PoetryNotes™ author. Use our contact form to query for details, or send your CV and/or writing sample to: publish@plagiarist.com.

New article next week (finally), more PoetryNotes™, more new poems, etc.
Now Accepting Your Poetry!
24 Feb 2003 1:23 AM
We have a lot to be excited about here at the Plagiarist compound this week, so we're going to break our updates down into categories.

The Plagiarist: A Journal of Poetry & the Arts
Our online poetry journal has now begun to accept submissions. See the magazine section to read the submission guidelines. You'll also find our submission form there.

We ask that you please do not mix-up submissions between our standard poetry submission form for the archive and the submission form to submit your own work to the magazine.

Plagiarist PoetryNotes™
Several new PoetryNotes eBooks have been added to the catalog of PoetryNotes eBooks available for immediate download.

This week's highlight is a brand new PoetryNotes analysis of Robert Browning's "My Last Duchess" by Chris Honey.

Submissions to the Archive
We have finally finished adding all of the poems in our backlog of submitted poems to the archive.

If you submitted a poem and it's not in the archives now, you probably either:
  • Submitted your own work

  • Submitted work by an author we do not feel would enhance the Plagiarist Poetry Archives

  • Submitted work by an author we do not have permission to publish, or

  • Submitted work that was poorly formatted as to make editing the piece difficult or impossible.
Most submissions were accepted and are now part of the archive - it's just a handful of poems that we had to reject.

New Poems
Some highlights this week include poems by:Thank you
A big Plagiarist "thank you" goes out to all of those who wrote to say they could help edit poems and help work on the site. Your participation is much appreciated.

That's it for this week. Next Sunday's update will include more new poems, more PoetryNotes™, and more!

We're also going to be sending out our long-overdue newsletter this week, so if you haven't signed up for our mailing list, make sure you enter your e-mail address at the bottom of this page to ensure that you won't miss out on the new subscriber-only content and special stuff.

-- Jough
Breaking down the backlog
17 Feb 2003 12:23 AM
We know. It's been awhile.

We've finally started to process the many, many submissions we've received since November 2002.

If the poem you submitted isn't on the site yet, it may still be in the backlog of poems that we have to add. We'll be adding a hundred or so each week until they're all updated. Please continue to submit poems.

A note on submissions, though. If you submit a translation, you MUST include the name of the translator. We've received a number of submissions that we had to discard because the translator's name was not listed.

Also, even though we stress this many times in our submission guidelines, but please do not submit your own poetry for inclusion in the archive. It will simply be deleted.

For those who DO want to publish on Plagiarist.com (besides posting on the newly updated forums), next week you'll have your chance.

We're going to open up the e-mail submission form for our online magazine, "The Plagiarist." See the magazine section for details starting next Sunday, 23 February.

You may have also noticed that we've upgraded the Poetry Discussion Forums. So go register if you haven't already and post!

More PoetryNotes™ have been added as well. Look for another big update of the catalog next week as well. We've greatly increased the speed of delivery on catalog items, so if you're stuck and need help with a paper STAT!, ordering from the catalog will mean near-immediate delivery now.

That's it for this week. We're still working on a user login system and our own ordering system for the PoetryNotes which will improve upon the current system muchly.

-- Jough, Head Honcho here at Plagiarist.com

P.S. We're looking for people with a little HTML knowledge and a LOT of free time to help us format and edit poems for the archive.

Compensation is... negotiable... Use our contact form to contact us if you're interested.

Spam Attack
4 Feb 2003 8:35 PM
A spammer (a sender of unsolicited commercial e-mail) has been sending mail pretending that his advertising is coming from plagiarist.com (this is called "spoofing" an address). While the problem is beyond our control, we apologize for any offensive e-mail you may have received that you thought came from Plagiarist.com. We assure you that it didn't.

We have taken measures to eliminate the problem on our end, but we cannot stop someone from faking their e-mail headers and sending mail pretending to be us.

If you want to contact Plagiarist.com, please use our contact form as we will not receive e-mail sent by any other means for the time being.