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We're Back
3 Jun 2002 1:12 AM
The reason updates have been spotty of late is because I was in the process of being evicted from my condo. I haven't had full time work all year so far, which is why I had so much time to devote to the site in the Spring.

If you or someone you know needs a web site built or needs someone to write poetry criticism, please let me know. Standing on a street corner holding a sign reading "WILL EXPLICATE FOR FOOD" has thus far proven unsuccessful.

But now that the dust has settled a bit I am finally able to once again process submissions. All of our recent submissions have now been added.

Also added this week is a fine essay by Alex Good of goodreports.net on the state of poetry, its future, and place in the current literary minefield. It's definitely worth a read, and we give a major shout out to Mr. Good for permission to re-print the article.

Updates should once again be regular, and thanks to all of your support and submissions over the past several months.


-- Jough Dempsey, Ed.
The Art of Writing Poetry - Number Four
15 Apr 2002 1:17 AM
The latest installment of Jough Dempsey's series "The Art of Writing Poetry" has been posted. This time Jough offers some suggestions about how to go about writing a poem, a look at the shape of poetry, and other practical tips to help get you started writing.
Sharon Olds Takes A Beating
9 Apr 2002 1:07 AM

Sharon Olds

Dan Schneider has written a scathing piece on Sharon Olds. Whether you're a fan or as ireful as Dan it's a fascinating read. So put the kiddies to bed and curl up with this vivisection of one of America's most over-rated, over-celebrated poets.

Several other articles and poetry analyses have been added in the past two weeks, so check out our Articles section for more, including new installments of Rilke's "Letters to a Young Poet".
National Poetry Month
1 Apr 2002 1:27 AM
National Poetry Month: April 2002
National Poetry Month is upon us. Can you feel the excitement? Neither can we. We've posted our take on this "event". Check the link below to read all about it, and what you can do to help.

Also posted are a few new essays in the articles section. The new series' include "Inside The Poem" - which takes a look at individual poems, and "Book Reviews" which takes a look at books of and about poetry.

Also updated is this week's installment of "Letters to a Young Poet."

Thanks to everyone who's been writing in with suggestions, submitting poems, and submitting essays.

Do yourself a favour and don't believe the hype. Read some poems and celebrate "National Poetry Month" by sharing some great poems with your friends.
The Art of Writing Poetry - Number Three
25 Mar 2002 3:34 AM
The third installment of our series on writing poetry is up. This time we look at getting started, some words of warning, and discuss what to write about (in some small detail).

Check it out, and let us know what you think.

Also, we're going to be starting a new article series in April, where poets and poetry enthusiasts write about a single poem. If you have an idea for an article, or are a writer and would like us to post your analyses, contact us and let us know.