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Visitors' Comments about:

Love After Love

Derek Walcott

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this poem says it all!
Added by: LeahSophiaChang
During fall 2001 Craig Dunn, my management professor at San Diego State, shared this poem with my class. And this poem says it all! All of us need to feast on our lives.
love after love
Added by: ben hyett
After being told to read this poem at my literature class, i did so, and it then changed my life, i followed the poem, and believed i should 'feast' on my life! thankyou Derek
Love After Love
Added by: Lisa Johnson
I think this is possibly the most beautiful poem I have ever read.
Added by: Anna
I've never read a poem like this.. it really moved me.. and touched my soul.
Love after Love
Added by: Lindsay
This is truly one of the most beautiful and powerful poems that I have ever read. I actually cried the first time I listened to its words.
Added by: Lucy
Love after love by Derek Walcott had a huge effect on me because it gave meaning to how I have felt over the last 12 months. After what seems like a life time, not believeing in my self. I have now started to rebuild my selfbeliefs and do things I would not have believe possible, and find out the reasons why.
this is gr8!!
Added by: cazz
i LOVE this poem more then i love myself,....an trust me..i love myself a LOT!!!
Added by: Harry
Once reading this poem I agree with many of its readers to say that it is the most spiffing example of language at its most powerful. I have to say, thank you Derek Walcott for bringing these words to life for us all!
Added by: Ross
This poem is fantastic, every word is gorgeous...it brings the reader confidence in themselves, and brings hope in its beauty. Every line gives you great advice, it doesnt matter how you interpret it, it's amazing
I read this poem in the foreword of the exceptional novel "The Time Traveler's Wife", and it brought me to tears... Prior to that moment, I had never heard of Derek Walcott. I will rectify that from this moment forward....

I am very pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Walcott.
S.Y. Webb.

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