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Love After Love

Derek Walcott

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Love After Love - Derek Walcott
Added by: Kim
I also read this poem in the Time Traveller's Wife. The poem is amazing. It took me back 8 years to a time when I was learning to love myself after a really bad relationship. It is glorious that words strung together can cause time travel and remember your thoughts and feelings. I truly love it.
Added by: Janet
I could not get past the first page in the Time Travelers Wife. The poem moved me so much. Never have i experienced anything like this. What an amazing and powerful message. So simple in its message and yet so strong. I might return the book and read more on Mr. Walcott. I am transfixed.
Our true nature
Added by: Trisha
I, too, cried such tender tears the first time I read this poem and have never forgotten it. As a Buddhist practitioner, I think it touches us so deeply because it reminds us of our true nature, which is infinite and pure and the same in all of us, and which ultimately recognizes itself.
Added by: jemma
we luuuuuuuuuurv this poem loads more than ourselves we just dont get it?!?! n we need it for skwl n we would rather like you to think up a lesson plan for us to use based on the poem plz plz plz help us its for poor deprived children :-D
Added by: Tanya
i just wanted to say that this poem is one of a kind! it reflects lots of peoples lives and definately reflected mine! i fell in love with this poem and i think its great that derek walcott wrote it with great words! i hope more poems like this are published!
time traveller's wife!!
Added by: saher
have any of u read "the time travelers wife" by Audrey Niffinegger! well read it and it totaly throw a different light on this wonderful poem! it just goes to show how many differnet interpretations can be made of derek walcotts masterpiece!
Added by: darren
after reading the poem love after love it made me feel really passionate about reality if you've read the poem think about it compare the poem to yourself you'll understand. the poem also really trouched me i feel really strong about the poem and have started to write my own poem.
really passionate
Added by: darren
the poem is great everything can be compared to the poem love after love it really makes me think about how lucky i am comp[ared to the loess fortunate.
really religious
Added by: katie
the way i see it the poem love after love is really religious because of how it talks about giving wine and giving bread and it talks about self image and be thankfull for who you are.
Added by: gemma sharp
i did not like this peom as i found it confusing and hard to understand. as well as it reminded me of my bad past history with someone.

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