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Visitors' Comments about:

Love After Love

Derek Walcott

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Added by: Amy-louise
I believe this is poem is simply beautiful in which ever way you interpret it. This poem hasn't changed my life but it has made me appreciate it.
Added by: Lamar Cole
Love is a path to the heart that knows its own way.
Added by: gemma
we learned this poem at school today i am in year 11 and at first i was unsure what it was about but when i looked in to it i realised you must celebrate your life but it is quite sad because you spend your whole life worrying and its not until near the end when you realise you shouldnt worry and make the most of everything also that you concentrate so much on loving others you neglect yourself, always put yourself first in life dont be selfish but your not here long so make the most of what you have! x
Added by: Alyssa
This poem really makes you understand how much you forget yourself in a relationship. We spend so much time attempting to please our other half that we forget ourselves, our passions, our individuality. It is necessary to finally stop being what you thought someone else desired of you-- sit, feast upon your life. See the beauty of solitude.
love after love
Added by: rachel hanshall
i had to read this poem and it is great about telling you to love yourself before you can love anybody else. it gives out a message saying your the most important person and you should love yourself for that
Added by: Jim McGuiness
This poem was painfully boring to read, the amount of crap that this poem featured was appaling, after the poem I thought about tracking down every copy of the poem and burning it. Why don't you all get a life and read a book such as "Harry Potter"
Added by: Jamie McKean
I found this poem rather stimulating to say the least. ;)

The sheer genius of this poem is astounding. Derek is a first class poet, he is my love after love ;)

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