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Visitors' Comments about:

Death Of A Naturalist

Seamus Heaney

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death of a naturalist
Added by: farhana begum
i think this poem is great, i love seamus heaney poems, i have been studying them for my gcses, and tomorrow is my english literature exam, i have studied alot of heaney poems and they are great, i love mid term break alot, as it is down to earth and very moving, wish me luck for my exam tomorrow!
In reply to 'Micheal Washington'
Added by: Bobbie
To be frank, I dont think anyone on this site actually thinks anything of your comments. Seamus Heaney wrote poetry for himself, as a way to express himself maybe, and now they're being shared with people who appreciate it.
Added by: Mathilde
Wow! For people supposedly studying Literature the comments on this message board show a surprising lack of competence speaking the English language. It is said that everybody should be entitled to an opinion, Michael take your rubbish elsewhere.
I love this poem!
Added by: Esra
I think that death of a naturalist is a very beautiful and meaning poem and it is obviuosly clear the message behind it. And I don't see why anyone would think it stupid or dumb, as my friend does aswell, but I guess those people have no respect and insight of the beauty and message of this poem.

Andrew mayers really helped me out on this, as i have to do it for school...Thx!

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