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Visitors' Comments about:

Death Of A Naturalist

Seamus Heaney

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Added by: Alex
Thanks. Really useful since ive got an English exam in two days. All of the above helped, apart from the random fighting in the middle. Oh well cheers anyway.
Added by: Samantha
I personally dislike this poem, but having to study it, i don't really have a choice- the analysis was fantastic [thank you very much], having missed it in class.
I like the idea of lost innocence, and the transiton between the two periods of our lives [michael, you should understand this as a teenager] but i don't like the way it is expressed.
Heaneys' best poem, i feel is 'digging' as i feel the theme is a lot clearer.
A good innocence realted poem is 'if a body meet a body' by Richard Burns [?]
Added by: Louise
yer leave him alone, not everyone likes heaney, jst coz u guys do. i only like his poems from 'death of a naturalist', the later ones are jst way too complex. thanx so much the first 2 for the really detailed analysis. i think it is a poem everyone could relate to, unless you never gatherd frogspawn as a child of course, but as its a specific experience, like in 'blackberry picking' it is something you can relate to, maybe not everyone was so afraid of frogs after they found out wat frogspawn actually is, but i think it's exhaggerated to show the loss of innocence.
Added by: Pam
I actually love the poem, it achieves what it is trying to do, which is bring the audience's childhood back to them. I don't know about anyone else, but it reminds me of the time where I kept tadpoles and some amusing incidents that I had with them.

However, while this poem does protray the obvious meaning of the loss of innocense and so forth, I have heard the interpretation that the poem is also about Heaney's hate for the British (the angry frogs "invading" are the british for example) and it could also be about sexuality/sex/intercourse (frog spawn being sperm).

Oh btw Michael, ur a nutter.
Added by: stacey
I am a literature student at highschool in australia, currently studying seamus heaney and his poetry. i am ashamed to read comments on his poetry that talk of Mr Heaney as being a stupid poet. Poetry is like life and life is fiction every poet uses emotions, expression and personality in their poems. Wordsworth says "poetry is the sponatenous overflow of emotion later captured in tranquilty" All poetry captures ideas and within seamus heaneys context all his poetry are about issues relating to Ireland where he has grown to love.

The poem Death of a naturalist is all about experience it seems a niave description of the innocent actions of a young child who is recalling the exitenment of watching frogs. As the child matures and learsn about the forgs mating place he is appalled by the frogs and the reality of life and death emphasise the cycles of life.

Death of a naturalist is a metaphor of other experiences.

i beleive with closer anlayis to poems and the poets context. readers will learn to appreciate poetry more, as heaney is an excellent poet this is reinforced by the noble prize taht he has won.

thankyou stacey
Added by: francois de manche
this poem expells the true exuberation of the grenades as they are metaphorically written as the innocent tadpoles exploding into destructive frogs. this poem shows the destructiveness of nature and how it can turn against you. the way heaney expresses the frogs violent and explosive attitude through war is compelling and paints a vivid image in the readers mind. in conclusiion this poem was effective, challenging and entertaining to study.
Added by: micheal
I am a big fan of seamus heaney. i am a gcese student in leicester and right now we are studying seamus heaneys poetry. i find it intresting how seamus heaney links all his poems toger through the themes to innocence as a child and also how it links into nature.
Added by: xxx me xxx
well at first when we read this (am doing it at GCSE) i thought i was the grossest most pointless thing i've ever read, and we were all just like...wth, this is mank.

but now we have to write an essay on it so we've analysed what he was actually trying to say and stuff it actually makes sense, and thanks to the guys who wrote all the stuff on here - really helpful!!! thankoo!
Added by: Tom Riando
Death of a Naturalist has a very positive structure in the first paragraph. It explores Heaneys love for nature, plants and animals. For example he describes to us how the bluebottles sounded when they flew and then all about the jam jars full of frogspawn all of which add to the positive structure of the first paragraph.
But then all of a sudden,'One hot day' as the poem begins in the second paragraph, Heaney begins to emphasise how he found himself caught up in the mating of 'angry frogs'. This paragraph of the poem is extremely negative compared to the first. Heaney explains to us, as the readers, very effectively how upsetting this sight was for him, so much so that he lost his interest in nature, hence the very appropriate name,'Death of a Naturalist.
Added by: anna M
This poem is good when you understand it. Its very clever and alot more interesting than some of the other bland poems we study! At least we all have something in common with it? Also it helped me add analysis into my coursework!!

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