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Visitors' Comments about:

Death Of A Naturalist

Seamus Heaney

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Really helpful
Added by: lola
Look, i come onto this website thinking great i've got 13 comments of anyalis for me to do my coursework on but no lie 7 of them are an argument please guys help me out analysise the god damn poem!
Added by: Alex
I think that you should all stop arguing and realise that it is a poem. Read it, enjoy it, don't fight about it!
Added by: chris
Seamus Heaney is a diva
Added by: chris
Thank you so much andrew! your analysation has helped me so much with my GCSE coursework. there were so many ideas that i would never have thought of if i hadn't read your work! Cheers, Chris.
Added by: heer
yeah i don't understand poetry too well either. i really like some poetry but i think at school we look into it too deeply!- what is the structure of the poem imply? it has no structure because ...the poet just felt like making paragraphs naturally not because the poet wishes to express his confusion lol...all poets are confused according to our notes! i think that the poets don't think of half the stuff we come up with when they are writing the poems!! but it is very useful for my notes and thank you people for writing your comments.
Added by: omair
im doing my GCSE english and this has helped a lot.
but just maybe you could have the poem shown and highlighting the key words or lines. also you do the subject then the theme, structure, sound and imagery this would make an excellent explanation and a way to for the audience to follow easily.
Added by: omair
thankyou sooooooooo much i had to do an oral and yes i gat an A*. THANKYOU

P.S. maybe u could use the layout and style that GCSE bbc bitesize does because that makes even easier to understand
its good
Added by: hana
its a good poem people should respect that and i think seamus would be thoughrally upset with the comments that people have put on this website this poem is a elaborate and technical poem which goes into great detail and puts the reader in his shoes
people dont respect poetry!!
Added by: Becky
Well miacheal and Tobi I beleive that you should both stop arguning, it is clear that you both have different opinions on the poem's content but thats your problem!

I too have to write aboout this poem for school and would much prefer it if i diddnt but lifes unfair isn't it! So stop your winging, I also happen to agree with Miacheal on his comments.

Good poem !! well done chaps lol.
Added by: Claire
Thanks to Andrew ( the first comment) I have my GCSE english lit exam tommorow and I didnt have a clue about the meaning of the poem and thanks to the comments i have a better understanding of the poem, and actually have a hope of passing the exam.

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