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Edgar Allan Poe

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Alone.......at last....
Added by: Casey
This has been my favorite poem for a very long time...I'm glad to see such works of Poe on the site
Alone I've Been since Childhoods hour
Added by: Adiranna
I first found this poem when i was 11. And i am know 14. This poem inspires me and makes me wonder. I'm glad this poem is featured at this site.
Added by: Melissa
Im glad to hear that other people like this poem too, but im not sure I completely understand it. It sounds like Poe is talking about someone: "Of a cloud that took the form/ ... Of a deamon in my view". If he is, in fact, talking about a person, that person could then be blamed for the hardships and "stormy" life he had. Any ideas of who it is? Am I completely wrong or what? lol
Added by: michelle
i love this poem and i'm glad others do too. There's a book called The Demon in my View. It was written by an 17 year old. It's really good, the author named it after the last line of "Alone" so, if you like the poem you'll like the story so check it out.
Added by: aRIeL/student/13
I think this poem is awsome...I believe when edgar allan poe refers to a demon it is like the sadness in his mind that is preventing him from being happy... I think that in this poem he is saying that when he was yuonger he felt he was different than everyone else, and he thought difference was a bad thing. This poem inspires me to aim for difference...if ur the same as everyone else, life would be a bore.
I think it's about . . .
Added by: Sadie
The poem is great i've loved this poem since i was 15 and i am now 17. I believe the poem is stating his emotions. that throughout his life, since childhood, he has had such a horrible life. The poem is all the different emotions he feels, and when he actually begins to see clearly through alll the torment, he sees " a demon in [his] view." When the clarity comes to him he is still not given the pleasure to view heaven, the serenity of it, which is blocked by a cloud in the form of a demon.
Added by: Darlene
Poe is saying 'I am different from other people, I am special, I am uniquely contrary in my passions. I don't feel sorry about the things other people feel sorry about. I don't enjoy the things other people enjoy. No one else loves the things I love.' He says he has been like that from childhood. I take the title 'Alone' as referring to that self-image of uniqueness. The word (Alone) has overtones of solitude and loneliness, but the poem isn't about those meanings. There's no hint in the poem that Poe regrets being different, or is fearful, or wants to avoid the company of others. After the first eight lines the poem becomes more unclear and goes off track for a bit. Unlike some poets, Poe sticks to grammar. In the grammar of this poem, the climactic line is 'The mystery that binds me still'. The following lines do little to explain what that mystery is. They provide a list of superficial, poor, visual images of natural phenomena 'from' which the mystery is said to have been 'drawn'. The only helpful detail in them is the closing mention of seeing a cloud that looked to him like a demon, even though it was blue sky weather. Being an instance of seeing something memorably deathlike in a thing ordinarily regarded as momentary and of no importance, I read that as an attempt to return the poem to the track on which it started. As a result, what Poe is saying in his own way is that his distinction of taste, and his fascination for the dark side of things, is a mystery to him, but is something he has always lived with and always will. And he is convinced he is the only person who is like that.
Added by: Candy
Ok, I like the fact that all of you have your own oppinions, and that you all can agree that you can relate to this poem in some way, but the fact that you are all young and dont really analyze it to its fullest shows me that you all do really beinafit from this poem!
I Think This Poem Is About...
Added by: Jay
...Poe being different, more morose, in the first half of the poem, and in the second half of the poem he describes the affect the morosity has had on his life. The "Demon in my view" he reffered to is the afformentioned morosity, and the last couple lines before that are about how he's been hindered by the frequently reffered to morosity. And the book, Demon In My View, by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, was written when she was 14 years old, not 17, and now she is 15.
Added by: Dick
Darlene, You have no Idea how much help you've given me thank you. Have a nice day.

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