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Edgar Allan Poe

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Added by: duncan
i like the poem because it is talking about being different from everyone else. But it also about being sad and lonely. When he says, " i could not awaken my heart to joy at the same tone;" means that he could not love after the death of his one true love.
Added by: jessie
I think this poem is about how a man who is recalling his childhood remembers how he is different and unique. I think he then is saying how the mystery that still binds him is of the cloud who toom the form of the demon.
Added by: turk
I have always loved this poem. I found it in the back of my "Romantic Poets" anthology that I bought for one of my english classes long ago. What i've always loved about this poem is the juxtaposition that it creates when viewed in relation to the romantics that he closely followed. the romantics saw god in nature. they found spiritality in the world that they saw streched out before them. poe did not. this is how i've always taken the lines, "I have not been as others were, I have not seen as others see, i could not bring my passions from a common spring, from the same source i have not taken my sorrow". so, poe couldn't understand that view of "god in nature" that was so prevelant at the time. poe could stand on a hillside with all the romantics and see something totally different, "from the torrent of the fountain, from the red cliff of the mountain, from the sun that round me rolled in it's autumn tint of gold, from the thunder and the storm and the cloud that took the form, (when the rest of heaven was blue) of a demon in my view".

the other poets of the time see the blue sky as heaven. god lives somewhere above us in heaven, right. not for poe. he saw the cloud creeping over the hillside and, in it, saw a monster.
Added by: james
I don't believe that Poe believed his interests to be completely unique as he did publish his works. The second half of the poem; although seemingly superficial describes his wonder at the beauty of the world and in the last three lines he expresses his sadness that he could not fully appreciate it as a result of his dark interests. A fantastic poem
Added by: TianTian
I don't really get how the title fits the poem. He's more talking about almost a battle than actually being alon. Or is being alone his battle? Overall I really liked this poem. It really seems to capture a... I'd say clostraphobic kind of emotion to me.
American Literature/Writing
Added by: Ratul
This is a pretty moving poem. It shows that the author is feeling really lonely and is relating it to nature. THere is a lot of good imagery language in the poem (mainly about nature).
American Lit/Writ
Added by: Richard
Edgar Allan Poe wrote this poem to show his differences from other people, and how he was unique in the way that he did not do the same things as others did. He writes in the beginning that he does not see, do, act in the same way as others. He did not laugh at what others thought was funny, and he did not enjoy the same passions. All the things he ever enjoyed he kept to himself. In the end, he describes a demon that came in to his view after a series of bad events. This demon could be describing that he does not want to be lonely, but is cursed to be left feeling left out.
Added by: kev yen
I wonder what kind of childhood Poe had. He seems to have some bitterness about his childhood through the first few lines of the poem, however, he seems to have some pride in it. As in the poem he was drawn from the sun with the power of the storm and etc. He reminds me of batman since he portrays himself as a mystery individual while having a unusual pride. this poem shows a very complex side of the poet
Added by: shivi
Poe expresses he is indeed different from other people right from the time when he was only a small child. He explains that his differences lead to being secluded and ultimately depression. Furthermore, no one in his life shared similar interests or love as he did. However, Poe articulates that he has a symbolic meeting with the demon. Poe does not seem confident that he even knows who the "demon" is. Poe shows that he still continues to be haunted by "the demon" today.
Added by: georgecheng
When i chose took read this poem i'll admit that i chose by titled because it sparked an interest in me. In my opinion i think that this poem is a self relfective poem of how he saw himself different than other people during his childhood. When he mentions this "demon" i imagine him talking about his way of thinking that kept him from being one of the norm, someone who's passion is similar to many others. Yet while he's referring to himself in the peom he makes it seem as if different is bad. Either way i enjoyed reading this poem very much because i feel as if i can relate to it.

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