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Edgar Allan Poe

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Added by: maxwell
This poem is really moving, it can be interpreted throught so many points of views. I like the detail Edgar portrays in the beginning as he is talking about how he is different from others, it sort of reminds me of myself when i was young. But then he talks about the demon coming into view. I thought he meant death, which scared me and made me glad i was't such a loner anymore.
Added by: Derek Chen
This poem shows that Poe is one of a kind. I like how he describes himself as different from everyone else, but doesn't show sorrow for it. He has accepted that he enjoys different things as other people and feels sorry about different things as well. Also I like how the name of the poem is "Alone", which shows a sense of irony since the poem itself does not show any of those attributes.
Added by: magictoilet
This poem flows very smoothly like the sound of wind. His sense of aloneness seems like alone within a big field on a starry night surrounded by mountains. I am not sure if he enjoys it or rather is vexed alone. The rhyme adds a simple yet artistic touch to the overall theme of the poem and makes it more enjoyable. Overall, this poem leaves me to imagine myself in the middle of nowhere just pondering about anything that runs through my head. His peers probably do not understand him, which is what lead him to write this poem.
Added by: Boboko
I thought that Poe was trying to express how he is unique and different from other people as he often saw the darker sides of things. This can been seen from his comparisons of generaly positive things to toher wordings with negative tones. For example, he compared these positive things, fountain, mountain, autumn tint of gold, and sky to negative words such as torrent, red cliff, sun(in a negative tone), lightning. This is why he thinks he is different from everybody else. Poe thinks of himself as an unique person that is "alone" in these experiences.
Added by: Harpinder
This poem talks about how poe had a very sad and dim childhood. He had no friends and was lonely. There was no one there for him when he needed help for something. its just about the sorrow and pain he had when he was a child.
Added by: ted
This poem is very sad. It shows the suffering of people who have to go through life alone. the first four lines show that Poe was an outcast from the start. "As others saw; I could not bring My passions from a common spring" shows that Poe had could not find his passion. It could also mean that Poe recieved his passions from somewhere else.

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